How PandoLogic and Veritone Are Powering the Workforce with AI Services

We’re happy to announce the next step in PandoLogic’s goal of revolutionizing recruiting with artificial intelligence (AI) services: PandoLogic has officially become a part of Veritone, a leading provider of artificial intelligence technology and solutions. Keep reading to learn more about Veritone’s acquisition of PandoLogic and what it means for the future of the workforce and AI for recruitment.

Where The Workforce Is Today

For anyone involved in hiring and human capital management (HCM), it’s clear that we’ve hit a pivotal point of change. Work has changed at hyperdrive speeds: An evolution that would have taken 20 years in the past happened in only the last six months (largely as a result of the pandemic). Many businesses are learning the hard way that we won’t be returning to normal. It’s become all too clear that what recruitment and retention strategies worked in February of 2020 no longer work in the same way today, and that’s unlikely to change. So instead of returning to normal, we have to build what our new normal looks like. And as job recovery begins, the businesses that aren’t rushing to adapt are the ones that have already adopted advanced tech—like AI recruiting.

Through countless use cases, PandoLogic has proven that AI services can modernize hiring strategies and job seeker experiences. Employers can rest assured knowing that they have an unprecedented amount of data at their fingertips—and PandoLogic automates decision-making in real-time, reducing cost and time to hire. Job seekers benefit, too. They enjoy personalized application experiences and exposure to more relevant job ads and employers. Already, AI is helping to: 

  • Remove bias in the hiring process
  • Provide employers with previously unattainable data
  • Avoid unplanned employee attrition

It’s clear that AI recruiting will be fundamental in building the new normal in human capital management software. And it’s why PandoLogic is excited to be joining the Veritone team to be at the forefront of these important changes in the space.

What Will Power The Workforce Of Tomorrow: AI Services

Both PandoLogic and Veritone have a shared vision: delivering better outcomes for people through AI. Veritone currently improves human connection through AI-powered services in the media & entertainment, government/law enforcement, energy, financial services, healthcare, and retail industries. Now they can add human capital management to the list. 

While PandoLogic already offers a robust recruiting solution, we know that we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to the value AI services can provide in the HCM space. Together with Veritone, PandoLogic will continue to create better outcomes for people through AI. In addition to continuing to help companies find the right candidates, we’ll be able to help companies keep their valued employees. Additionally, PandoLogic will now have access to Veritone’s proprietary operating system, aiWARE, which orchestrates an expanding ecosystem of machine learning models to transform audio, video, and other data sources into actionable intelligence. Integrating with aiWARE will bring together previously unusable data to empower HR professionals.  

This acquisition marks an important milestone for both PandoLogic and Veritone—the beginning of an even more powerful hiring experience for both employers and job seekers. 

“With our shared vision for AI and strong cultural alignment, we are looking forward to becoming a part of the Veritone family,” said Terrance Baker, CEO of PandoLogic. “In combination with Veritone, we both will be able to utilize our cognitive engines to help customers create even deeper insight and efficiencies in their hiring practices and beyond.”

Learn more about Veritone’s acquisition of PandoLogic

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