How Programmatic Recruitment Adoption Is Changing The Tech Landscape

This has been a banner year for programmatic recruitment in the HR industry. In fact, several major acquisitions of programmatic recruitment tech happened this past July, signaling the inevitable rise of the programmatic job advertising platform: Stepstone acquired Appcast, Recruitrics acquired KRT marketing, and Indeed acquired Click IQ, just to name a few. Big names in the HR industry are taking note of the results these types of platforms have delivered to early adopters.

If you haven’t heard much about programmatic recruitment, you will soon enough. The process incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the most effective and efficient ad placement for jobs. These platforms decide where your job ad will be displayed and determine the best timing and price for your ad bid, maximizing the cost-effectiveness and the reach of the job ad by targeting particular audiences and sites to reach the ideal candidate.

Tech Makes Your Job Faster, Easier, And More Efficient

The single destination job site (like LinkedIn for example) is no longer an effective recruitment solution in the sprawl of job sites out there. Now that technology can allow some employers to post to multiple job sites at once, the single destination site pales in comparison. Furthermore, when you can automate the process of posting, rather than manually post job ads, you up the efficiency even further. Programmatic recruitment marries the effectiveness of a recruitment marketing site with the automated capabilities of job ad distribution sites to make a job posting both effective and fully automated—vastly improving the efficiency of the hiring process for those that use it.

What Major Tech Acquisitions Mean For The HR Tech Landscape

We’re entering a phase of hyper-growth in the adoption of programmatic recruitment. Job boards and recruitment agencies were the first to adopt this type of tech, and now we are seeing a broader range of programmatic recruitment adoption from staffing agencies, large employers, and even some mid-size employers. Within the next ten years, it is likely that most mid-size employers will embrace programmatic recruitment, and those that don’t will have tough competition to face. The ubiquity of programmatic recruitment in the next decade will also correlate with growth. In fact, it’s projected that this 1 billion dollar industry will grow tenfold over the next ten years.

The Future Of Programmatic Recruitment Platforms

What’s apparent in the HR industry and elsewhere is that tech breeds more tech. There is tech geared towards candidates, tech geared towards employers, tech-focused on engagement, and tech that targets all aspects of HR, from sourcing to onboarding. Programmatic recruitment is not a replacement for all the other tech solutions that HR employees have already learned and employers have already paid for.

The best programmatic recruitment tech, like pandoIQ, will be able to integrate with other platforms. This is one of the most crucial aspects of implementing programmatic recruitment solutions. The best platforms can integrate with other tech pieces in your tech stack to increase efficiency and reduce data silos. In other words, it’s not simply a replacement of one species of tech with another—and it’s not just the latest fad. It enhances your existing tech to make job ad distribution and your overall hiring process even smarter. For example, when your programmatic recruitment integrates with your ATS, the new tech basically has access to all the data from your organization’s candidates past and present. This can offer insight into how your ads perform and how they can improve.

That vast wealth of data that your other tech contains can be leveraged to maximize the effectiveness of your current and future job ad campaigns to ensure your strategy is data-driven and maximally efficient. This is a major movement in the industry’s incline towards automation—and one that will greatly improve your daily workday and the results of your efforts.

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