How to Combat Significant Change in The Recruiting Landscape

Recruiting for jobs may seem simple right now, especially with the economic climate remaining somewhat dismal. Simply put a job offer up online and watch recruits and candidates pour in, right? Actually, this strategy has been somewhat helpful over the past decade, but it isn’t working nearly as well these days. Yes, the economy as a whole is still struggling, and yes, there are more job seekers than open positions, but this trend will not last forever, so now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to deal with things as the economy improves and job seekers are more picky.

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Make Technology a Centerpiece of Your Recruiting Strategy

There’s no denying that technology is one of the most useful tools in the recruiting process, so if you aren’t using it to attract candidates, your business is not likely to survive. As such, you need to make technology a centerpiece during the recruitment process. Showcase what you have to offer in terms of technology in recruitment ads, don’t just talk about it.

For example, you could create a video tour of your business to include with ads. Using this method, you not only get to show off the technology your business uses, but you also show that your brand is tech savvy by creating the video in the first place. This can be even more beneficial when you upload said videos to social media to be shared, and hopefully, go viral. In the end, the goal is to draw the best candidates in using the very tools and techniques they will be accustomed to.

Utilizing Digital Recruiting the Right Way

Instead of throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks, and instead of casting a huge net to bring in candidates, think smarter. When your HR department relies on huge nets, sure, it’s bound to bring in large groups os candidates, but then your business has to spend man hours on reviewing resumes and applications, checking up on candidate social media profiles, and more, only to end up with a few potential candidates out of maybe thousands. The time and money you save by going through a multimedia online recruiting service could end up being wasted, and you may pay more, when you refuse to take the old-fashioned approach.

Understand the Needs of Millennial Candidates

Millennial candidates have grown up with computers, social, and digital devices, meaning your recruiting strategy needs to be in line with technological progress. For example, do you offer the ability to work remotely? If not, candidates may be passing you over.

Younger job seekers these days want to be able to utilize technology to its fullest, meaning they are more likely to expect remote working conditions, at least some of the time. Another technological consideration when recruiting millennials is what type of equipment your business uses. In an office setting, millennial’s are more likely to expect high-quality computer equipment, and many even expect to be provided with a smartphone or tablet.

Where are recruiters able to place jobs so that qualified candidates see them? Is social the main destination for millennial job seeking?

Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include recruiting and business development.

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