How to Find More Passive Job Candidates

When it comes to recruiting, you’re likely seeking active candidates or candidates who are currently pursuing employment with your company. Although recruiting is never easy, it can be easier when put in this position. Active candidates are often seeking out your specific ad efforts, meaning your company is in a more advantageous position. Passive candidates, on the other hand, may be a bit more difficult to get a real hold on.

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What is a Passive Job Candidate?

As opposed to active candidates, passive job candidates are considered to be job seekers who have uploaded a resume to a job board site or who have expressed interest in employment on social media. The problem for recruiters when it comes to these types of candidates is that the recruiter, in most cases, has no idea where the candidate’s level of interest currently lies. Has he or she found employment already? Is the candidate interested in your industry? Does he or she even check the profile to which a resume was uploaded?

Although it might be frustrating, and at times confusing, working with passive candidates can be made simple by following these tips:

Use Matching Technology

Although job matching technology is not new, most job board sites are a one-way street for both employers and candidates. On the one hand, an employer puts out an ad and the job board sites matches candidates based on qualifications.

This method has nothing to do with candidate preferences. On the other hand, a candidate might have preferences that do not match an employer’s qualifications. In this scenario, no one wins. The solution? Work with matching technology that takes into account both qualifications and preferences. This will yield better results for all as it brings together two of the most important attributes contained within the recruiting process.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Social media serves so many purposes in business. From advertising and marketing to branding and beyond, a social media account can be used to accomplish many goals … but are you utilizing social media to gain attention from passive candidates? If not, you may be missing out on incredible talent.

For example, imagine that you placed an ad for an account executive on a job board six months ago. Your company received many responses, and within the ad, you added social media subscribe icons, ultimately leading to new likes and follows. Today, you’re seeking a marketing coordinator.

So, in addition to posting an ad on job board sites, you also post the position to social media. Now, your ad is in front of candidates who have already expressed interest in joining your company, who have already taken the time to like or follow your brand on social media, and who will likely see the ad. Even if a candidate is not currently searching for employment with your company, your actions on social media may garner interest from qualified candidates, passive or not.

What are the benefits companies might see if they focus some of their efforts on passive job seekers?

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