The Future for Recruiters? Data and Social

It was not that long ago that a finely tuned resume was the best way for a candidate to get the interview they wanted. When the Internet came along, it was treated as an enhancement to the traditional process. As Internet technology developed, recruiters started to see the value in being able to sift through digital resumes instead of having to manually read hundreds of paper resumes. The evolution of the Internet is creating changes that recruiters must keep up with if they want to find the candidates that will bring them success.

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Digital Is The New Paper

It appears that the days of digital resumes being used to enhance paper resumes are at an end. According to Business News Daily, professional recruiters have indicated that the resume acceptance process is completely digital now. LinkedIn has played a large part in the transition because of its comprehensive networking format that plays so easily into a job recruiting process.

Your Resume Is More Comprehensive Than You Think

When recruiters consider a candidate, they are looking at a lot more than just a digital resume. Recruiters are utilizing extremely intuitive software to look at the social media posts and all of the Internet activity of a candidate to get a much better picture of what the candidate has to offer.

This comprehensive process not only allows the recruiter to determine if the candidate is a skills match for the company, but it can also give the recruiter insights into whether or not a candidate would fit into the company’s culture. The determination as to whether or not a candidate would work well with other employees and possibly even be management material is being made based on your extended resume that brings in information from all over the Internet.

Passive Candidates Are Becoming More Prominent

An active employment candidate is one that the company is actively pursuing in response to information the candidate sent the company. A passive candidate is someone the company pursues, usually through emails and phone calls, even though the candidate has given no indication that they are looking for a job.

Thanks to the advances in information gathering systems on the Internet and the use of big data structures, recruiters can now find candidates that don’t even know that they are candidates. It is a sort of proactive recruiting that was impossible to do with this level of efficiency in the past.

Technology is changing the way we communicate, and it is changing the way that companies find new employees. Thanks to advances in data mining and more advanced methods for gathering data from around the Internet, recruiters are able to create a very accurate picture of a candidate before offering that candidate an interview, and recruiters are even able to find strong candidates among the large pools of people who are not looking for a job.

Does digital increase a company’s potential ROI when looking for new candidates?

George N Root III is a professional freelance writer who has expertise in topics such as Internet marketing, business, advertising, and personal finance.

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