Tools and Tips for Sourcing Top Candidates in 2023

Candidate sourcing has changed over the past few years, in large part due to the pandemic and its ripple effects on employment. This means candidate sourcing tools must evolve to keep up with the changes. We’ve done the research to give a brief breakdown of some new candidate sourcing tools that will save you and your business time and money while efficiently filling gaps in your team.

What Does Effective Candidate Sourcing Look Like?

Effective candidate sourcing needs to not just include those that are actively seeking jobs. It now needs to also involve passive candidate sourcing. This means businesses need to reach prospects who aren’t currently looking for a job but may change their mind once they learn about your available positions. This takes a little extra work but can reap huge benefits.

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What is Candidate Sourcing?

Candidate sourcing can take many forms, but in general, it is defined as actively identifying and seeking talent that fits your requirements of skills and experience for current or future job openings.

What Does It Mean to Effectively Source Candidates?

Effectively sourcing the proper candidates to fill open positions requires having an efficient hiring process in place. Your Human Resources team can work with hiring managers to streamline the steps, resulting in a better match within a shorter time frame.

What is a Talent Pool vs. Talent Pipeline?

A talent pool is distinctly different from a talent pipeline, but in short, you need both. Your talent pool is a broader group, made up of potential candidates who could fill a role in your company. It can be made up of people who indicated an interest in working within your company in the past, signed up at an open interview call or career day, or were interviewed but weren’t chosen. Your passive candidates are also part of your talent pool.

Your talent pool can feed into your talent pipeline, which is made up of candidates who meet your qualifications and are actively looking or ready to be considered for a new job.

Tips and Tools to Improve Your Candidate Sourcing in 2023

While not everyone can look at the evolution of hiring processes as a positive, the good news is that tools to improve your sourcing strategies are also evolving and improving. Things like AI and new hiring or recruiting software are built to help you reach the best talent and open you up to important things like connecting with candidates.

Tip One: Utilize Rapidly Expanding AI Platforms

Platforms like PandoLogic’s candidate targeting are built specifically to reduce the time and effort spent on finding you the best person for the job. Outsourcing this process lets you focus on the final steps of the process – interviewing and decision-making – and trusts technologically-advanced AI software to assemble the talent pipeline.

Tip Two: Harness the Power of Social Media Recruiting

Online job boards have been tremendously successful in reaching job seekers, and these are still a top place to list your open positions. Doing this in conjunction though with social media in mind exponentially increases the number of eyes on your listing. Referrals grow when job openings are easily accessible to be shared on social media platforms. Clearly written, succinct, and explanatory job descriptions paired with brief instructions on how and where to apply will make it easier for the right people to join your talent pool.

Tip Three: Normalize Online Interviews

One big lesson learned during the pandemic was that online interviews can make all the difference in someone being able to apply. Using the Zoom platform takes a screening phone call to the next level, allowing you and the candidate to converse comfortably and without wasting anyone’s time. Meeting in person may still be your final interview of choice, but if your hiring process includes multiple interviews, this adds a level of convenience to everyone involved.

Tip Four: Use Keywords in Job Listings

Search engines continue to do a better job of bringing information to the forefront of a search’s needs, and keywords have a lot to do with that. When crafting your job listing for job search sites, be sure the description uses terms people will be looking for. Don’t be afraid to use a word twice, or to add a different term, or a lengthened term, for the same skill or requirement. This will increase your visibility in online search results, as candidates use different words when searching online. This is a simple way to be seen by more people.

As AI usage grows, and businesses update hiring processes, we can work together to adapt to changes as they occur, resulting in the best hires for your business. Candidate sourcing tools are a personal choice, but if you want to learn more about ours, reach out for a free demo. We are here to help you find the new professionals you need for your business’s success and growth.

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