What Is AI For Recruiting?

Technology is advancing faster than you could have ever imagined. The only option in this fast-paced world is to stay on top of the tech that’s trending in your sphere. So what’s trending in HR? Right now the answer to that question is artificial intelligence (AI). But what is AI for recruiting and how does it affect you?

One of the biggest challenges facing HR professionals, like you, is identifying top talent. In fact, a study conducted by LinkedIn discovered, 46 percent of fellow recruiters and hiring managers felt that ”finding the right candidate” is the biggest hurdle they face. Inefficient manual tasks coupled with a lack of access to relevant data have plagued the industry for years. But with AI-enabled recruitment technology, you can be the catalyst for innovation.

But to truly answer the question, “what is AI for recruiting?” we need to take a quick look behind the curtain.

What Is AI?

AI is just the blanket term for a series of algorithms that can teach a computer to perform certain tasks. That computer will then continue to learn and adapt from the algorithms based on the data it collects.

In a broad sense, AI enables computers to do things that, without it, would require your intervention. Self-learning algorithms help when the scope of data and the scale of the problem are just too big for you to manage alone.

So How Will AI For Recruiting Help You?

72 percent of professionals believe that AI will offer huge advantages in the near future. The problem with that is, AI for recruiting isn’t the future, it’s already here! And it’s helping other HR teams land the talent they need to maintain success. This is a key reason why AI is one of the hottest buzzwords in the business world today as organizations look for more ways to not only become more efficient but also better at what they do.

According to Forbes, “[AI for recruiting is] significantly reducing the operational burden by automating low-level tasks and providing better information for decisions makers.” You can lighten your workload and tackle the projects that really matter by automating the administrative work that slows you down. You’re a mover and a shaker, you can’t let menial work get in your way of conquering recruitment!

Recruiting tools like applicant tracking systems have been able to automate processes to help save time, but they haven’t necessarily been able to help you work smarter. These tools lack the ability to adapt on their own and provide the insights that you and your team need. AI helps you work smarter. AI offers ways to help overcome the limitations and biases inherent in recruiting with automated processes that are hyper-responsive to market data, complex metrics, and even budget constraints.

Recruiting with AI software improves your day-to-day operations while directly impacting costs and offering new insights that will help you improve your overall strategy. AI-enabled solutions will help maximize outreach and candidate evaluations (essentially identifying top talent) putting you in a better, more informed position to hire the right candidates for your open positions.

So what is AI for recruiting? Simply put, it’s a better way for you to recruit.

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