Why AI is the Solution For A Passive Recruitment Sourcing Strategy

Finding the most qualified candidate for the job can be tough — and traditional hiring methods often fall short of the mark. For positions that require extensive experience or that tend to attract a small applicant pool, incorporating a passive recruitment sourcing strategy into your hiring plan can get your organization the talent it needs. However, sourcing passive candidates efficiently is often a struggle. Using the right hiring tools to ensure that your passive recruitment sourcing strategy goes off without a hitch can save precious time and resources during the hiring process. In this article, we’ll discuss the specifics of passive sourcing, how it can benefit your organization, and how AI recruitment tools can bolster your recruitment sourcing strategy.

What Is Passive Sourcing?

Passive sourcing is a form of outreach that targets talent that is already employed or isn’t currently looking for work. This means that instead of relying on job ads placed on various job boards, or other forms of advertisement, your organization will be contacting passive talent directly. First contact usually takes the form of an email, and from there it’s a matter of persuading the talent that it’s in their best interest to work for your company instead of maintaining their current situation. Compared to candidates actively searching for work, passive candidates may need greater incentives in the form of increased pay or better benefits. Because passive sourcing often requires greater use of resources than traditional hiring methods, companies may shy away from it — but the benefits make passive sourcing well worth the risk.

Benefits of Passive Hiring

For all of the extra effort that passive sourcing takes, the benefits make it an integral part of any recruitment sourcing strategy. Unlike the traditional hiring strategy, passive sourcing allows you to pick and choose who you give an opportunity to. Instead of having to wade through a number of applications, a passive recruitment sourcing strategy has you choosing candidates that you already think could be right for the job. It also gives you the chance to connect with the potential employee on a more personal level right off the bat. Whereas the impersonal and often draining nature of traditional job board applications may dissuade less active candidates from applying, an email of interest can make the candidate feel more at ease. Making a candidate feel wanted in this way can greatly increase your chances of success.  

With the benefits of a passive recruitment sourcing strategy laid out, it’s now up to you to find and persuade passive candidates. However, pinpointing optimal candidates can take a lot of time and resource investment — this is where PandoLogic can help your organization.

PandoLogic Makes Passive Hiring Simple

Using AI technology to bolster your passive recruitment sourcing strategy is crucial to increasing your efficiency and quality of hire. Each step of the process can be curated to optimize your resource investment — and with our software toolbox, finding what you need is easier than ever.

  • Wade & Wendy can help you source passive candidates with a simple job requisition. Just a few clicks and you’ll be presented with qualified candidates. After you’ve found the talent you need, AI chatbot technology can screen chats, provide insight and analytics, and schedule an interview when the time comes.
  • Our AI chatbots can hold conversation with interested parties — sharing information about your organization and the position that you need filled. Learning as it converses, our chatbot will keep your prospective candidate interested and engaged, leading them to the next step in the recruitment process.
  • Custom emails can be sent using AI recruitment software, allowing your HR team to work on essentially human tasks while. Using information about the candidate, AI technology will formulate an email that differs from the standard templated message. This will keep your talent feeling valued, and interested in applying.

When sourcing passive candidates it’s important to get ahead of the competition without throwing away resources. Our toolbox will get your recruitment sourcing strategy up and running efficiently, optimizing and automating a number of time-consuming tasks.

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