Recruitment is About Adaptability Now

It’s 8:00 a.m. Do you know where your job candidates are? Maybe they’re taking the train in to work a mediocre job. Maybe they’re in a different part of the country. Or maybe they’re in an office just down the hall. Your recruiting reach extends in a lot of different directions, which is one reason why adaptability is so important now. Adopting a bespoke attitude in a cookie cutter world could make all the difference.

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There’s no such thing as a singular effective recruiting approach anymore, not even if you’re promoting from within. That might come as a blow, but it’s good to shake things up once in a while. Finding and hiring, not to mention keeping, candidates requires adaptability now. It doesn’t have to be difficult, and it might even be fun.

No Two Candidates are the Same

Becoming an adaptable recruiter means approaching each candidate in a personalized way. Of course, you wouldn’t create an entirely unique campaign for every potential applicant of every job. But once you’ve got a few great candidates in the pipeline, then you can home in one what they respond to.

For example, a social media manager might love to chat with you one-on-one via Facebook. You probably wouldn’t take the same approach with an internal candidate, but you might text.

Personalization makes you a more relatable recruiter, and it lets candidates know that they’re being heard. Considering the problem with employee churn, being treated as an individual is a great step forward in creating a strong company culture.

Adaptability Applies to Technology, Too

Adaptability also means reaching candidates where they are, and that means embracing technology, says Hire Rabbit. More people use mobile now than ever before. So if your strategy is lacking a mobile-first mentality, it’s time to resolve that issue. Enabling candidates to see a job search through from beginning to end using mobile is where recruiting is headed for everyone, so you might as well be on the leading edge.

The great thing about technology is that it helps you become a more effective recruiter with less effort. Using real-time candidate matching is nearly the pinnacle of adaptability because it gets your job ad seen by the people who fit it best instead of sending it out into oblivion and hoping for the best.

That’s one of the most challenging things about recruiting, but now it’s so simple that it’s automated. It works both ways, too. Candidates who are looking for a job and company like yours have an easier time finding you.

Today, you might offer a Skype video interview to a candidate in another city. Tomorrow, maybe you’ll text with an internal candidate down the hall. The key is tailoring the recruiting experience to the person. And the thing to avoid is embracing new technology only to create yet another static recruiting strategy.

Adaptability gives everyone a personalized experience, and that drives home the fact that your company and the job that you have to offer is worth considering. That’s brand building, which stresses as critical right now.

Company culture is about more than great perks after being hired. Your culture is also how you go about hiring, and focusing on the individual speaks volumes. In the long run, it could even lead to referrals, which make your job even better.

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