3 Ways Your Staffing Org Can Become More Strategic

Savvy staffing professionals know that regardless of the target industry or area of expertise, one thing matters above all else—results. Those who succeed in the staffing field of work ensure that they’re consistently in parallel engagement between high-value candidates and companies in need of qualified talent to meet their business goals, and are connecting the two effectively.

That said, although this core staffing goal has remained relatively unchanged for decades, the circumstances around how staffing pros go about achieving it has undergone massive shifts in recent decades—the result of increasingly interconnected yet unpredictable global markets, huge innovations in technology, a rapidly shifting work culture, and a rise in the gig economy that’s changing the very concept of employment.

Simply put—things in the work world are changing, and for many staffing professionals it’s forcing a disruption in “business as usual” and leading to a change in how things are done. Staffing organizations that choose to get strategic in order to stay current will be better positioned to ride the wave of change and stay effective. Those who fail to keep up will get left behind.

Consider the following advice to help your team become more strategic.

1. Change Focus

One key change that’s occurring in the HR and staffing worlds is a shift in strategy away from an employer-focused approach and toward a more people-centric model. The days in which the focus was primarily on meeting the needs of the company are rapidly dwindling; today’s forward-thinking staffing pros are building effective strategies for enhanced employee engagement and experience, culture-building, and pathways for individual development and growth. These days, employees and potential candidates care about more than just their paychecks—they need to feel meaningful connections with their employers and missions. Effective staffing pros who want to attract and retain high-value talent are responding accordingly.

2. Leverage Tools

Staffing pros who care about meeting key performance metrics can no longer simply rely on hunches or instincts, no matter how well-honed, to get the job done. Staffing today relies on in-depth, data-rich analysis that leverages cutting-edge tools in order to outpace the competition. Today’s leading staffing orgs need to master these tools as part of their strategies—including programmatic recruitment, predictive algorithms, machine learning, and AI software—to help take their efforts to the next level and keep pace with the rapidly evolving field.

3. Stay Agile

There’s no room for stasis in today’s staffing and recruitment worlds. These days, you’re either constantly riding the wave of innovation and change or you’re running the risk of falling behind. The seismic shifts mentioned earlier, which are continually disrupting the work world status quo and beyond, cannot be ignored—they need to be harnessed to your advantage in order to break through the noise and stay ahead of the competition. Staffing companies that remain agile and prepared for continual change, growth, and development will be best positioned for future success.

Is your staffing org awash in the disruptive confusion of today’s volatile work world? Consider leveraging the strategies mentioned here to become more strategic and grab success from the jaws of uncertainty. Good luck!

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