5 Creative Recruiting Strategies Built For the Future

You can’t predict the future of recruiting. But you can employ creative recruiting strategies that establish your organization as an enticing employer brand—for now, and the future. Keep reading for five top tactics and tips. 

1: Emphasize The Employer Brand

The first on our list of creative recruiting strategies is, broadly speaking, a mindset to adopt. Recruiting isn’t the same as it was 20 years ago—it’s not even the same as it was 2 years ago. With changes in tactics also come changes in the way we think about recruiting. One of those changes? Approaching recruiting as marketing. And you’re not just marketing the job, either. It’s important to establish your organization’s employer brand. Prospective candidates are interested in more than just the job title and comp. They want to know about the company culture, how they can grow, and what the overall personality of the employer brand is. More than ever, employees are prioritizing fulfillment and balance within their jobs. By always remembering to emphasize your employer brand, you’ll set yourself up for a future where candidates are familiar with—and excited by—what your organization has to offer.

2: Use AI-Driven Recruitment Tools

Effective framing of your employer brand is only as effective as your ability to show up in front of the right candidates. Recruiting is no longer just cold calls or out-of-the-blue emails—it includes using modern technology to more effectively reach people. That’s why the next item on our list of creative recruiting strategies is using AI-driven recruitment tools. This might include programmatic recruiting software, like PandoLogic’s pandoIQ. pandoIQ can ensure that your job ad is getting in front of the right people at the right time—and at the right price. Another AI-driven tool to consider is a smart chatbot, such as Wade & Wendy. Not only can a chatbot act as an engaging first touchpoint, but powerful ones like Wade & Wendy can also take care of automatic interview scheduling. 

3: Spend Time On Social – And Not Just The Usual Ones

Yes, we mean outside of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. (But those are important, too! Don’t forget our first creative recruiting strategy in this list, after all.) Ask yourself this: Where does your ideal candidate spend time online? Are you looking for a creative director that might be part of ad and marketing forums? What about a software engineer who spends time on Reddit and engages with AMAs? Where it makes sense, use this creative recruiting strategy to establish a presence for your company across different networking and social platforms.

4: Use Employees As Spokespeople

Next up on our list of creative recruiting strategies is passing the mic off to your current employees. It’s all well and good to have your CEO in the press—but what about a mid-level or senior manager? Do you have employees that could act as good thought leaders in your industry? If not through traditional press, consider having employees post on the company blog or spotlight them on Medium. Potential candidates might see themselves reflected in that employee, or view it as an exciting growth opportunity and be eager to join the team. 

5: Film A Recruitment Video

If a picture says a thousand words, just imagine how much a video can do. If you have the budget and resources, consider putting together a video that illustrates your company culture and the environment a candidate would be entering into. Reading a job description is one thing, but seeing it illustrated could be just what your candidate needs to accept the offer. 

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