5 Fast Recruitment Strategies To Speed Up The Process

Finding qualified employees quickly has always been important—but speed is a higher priority now than ever before. Organizations all over the world are still in the recovery process from the hiring drought that the pandemic caused, and rebuilding a competent workforce quickly could be what determines the survival of the company. Recruitment can be a slow and arduous process, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 fast recruitment strategies that can speed up your organization’s recruitment—and take some weight off of your shoulders.

Identify Your Needs To The Letter

Understanding exactly what you need from your future employees seems like a fairly basic and understood principle of hiring, but actually following through on your listed needs can make a world of difference. Make sure that your job listing not only covers all the bases but that it comes off as user-friendly as well. Having the proper keywords, and an appropriate amount of them can improve the overall quality of applicants instantly, as well as bump your listing to the top of the search bar.

Looking for someone with the skill set for the job within the organization can also save resources, so consider that as well during the preparation stage.

Make Sure It’s Easy To Apply

According to a survey conducted by Careerbuilder, around 20 percent of candidates will drop out of the application process if it takes longer than 10 minutes to apply. If your organization is urgently hiring, adding extra hurdles for your future employees to jump through could unnecessarily decrease your number of options. 

Tasks that lengthen the application can come in many forms. Some job boards give the option to make candidates take aptitude tests, which can double or triple the time it takes to apply. Forcing applicants to manually input information that can already be found in their resumes is another task that can alienate them. Avoiding these hurdles when possible is ideal for creating a fast recruitment process.

Encourage Passive Candidates

Reaching out to passive candidates and encouraging them to do the same during recruitment is a regular part of the process. Oftentimes those who are not actively on the market for employment are those with extensive experience, perfect for a position you’re trying to fill. While it may be difficult to convince certain passive candidates, a quick email to a few that you have your eye on could be all that’s necessary to secure an interview.

Expand Your Job Listing’s Reach

A good job listing can entice potential employees—and make for a fast recruitment process—but if the listing hasn’t been placed correctly there can be serious consequences. If the job advertisement isn’t spread to enough sites, the diversity of your candidate pool will most likely go down, and the overall number of applicants will also decrease. Taking the time to diversify the job boards you advertise on can save your organization resources both now and over time.  

It should be said, however, that actively increasing the preparation phase of the recruitment plan can slow things down further if done inefficiently. Knowing the available tools to lessen the strain on your budget will make your job easier—and less stressful. Consider increasing brand awareness initiatives to give your company a more recognizable name, or using the next tip on this list for maximum efficiency.  

Make Use Of Recruitment Software

Determining where to focus your human resources department can make or break a successful and fast recruitment plan. If people are spread too thin, the task of hiring will only take longer, and going over budget might become a necessity. Automating certain tasks will allow your team to work on assignments that machines can’t do themselves—saving time and increasing inclusion. There are a number of tasks you could reassign to recruitment software:

  • Placing advertisements for your jobs on job boards.
    • Finding job boards to both diversify the candidate pool and make hiring faster, recruitment software can save time and fit within your bandwidth. 
  • Screening candidates quickly and with an unbiased eye.
    • Recruitment software can evaluate potential employees’ resumes, and screen their social media accounts to look for any red flags. AI software is exceptionally potent, as it can learn from its experience. When programmed to look for certain qualifications, it’ll streamline the recruitment pipeline with no chance for human error.
  • Implementing chatbots to connect with candidates.
    • AI chatbots, have recently become advanced enough to take on much of the pre-interview process. They can dispense information, hold a conversation, and effectively schedule interviews. 

Knowing how to build a fast recruitment process is key, but having the tools you need to make the concept into reality can be equally important. 

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