5 Reasons Intelligent Automation is Crucial to Your Candidate Sourcing

Are you taking advantage of all the automation you can in order to source candidates for open positions? Many time-consuming tasks for HR teams (like posting jobs on multiple job sites) can now be automated, freeing you from having to perform the mindless, repetitive parts of the job. Intelligent automation takes this concept one step further because artificial intelligence can perform these tasks without any human intervention.

Intelligent automation doesn’t simply perform time-consuming tasks—it tackles tasks that require problem-solving, decision-making, and learning. Candidate sourcing can involve multiple jobs that may require a lot of research: scouring the internet, collecting data to assess sources, engaging candidates, and much more.

Let’s explore why it’s time to engage a smarter and better sourcing strategy for better business outcomes.

It’s Vital To Candidate Engagement

While it may seem the purview of your HR team to engage one-on-one with candidates, there are a lot of small ways that intelligent automation helps provide a boost in this area. Most directly, AI chatbots can answer candidate questions and help manage expectations by providing a continually available source of information. Overall, by creating greater efficiency in the process and automating things like interview scheduling, you can better engage candidates by offering an efficient, organized process.

Candidate engagement should be a key priority for you as an HR leader because it helps retain top talent, foster future and repeat applicants, and boost your company brand by presenting your organization favorably.

You’ll Experience More Efficient Recruitment Spending

Job ad campaigns are a big part of the recruitment budget. When you have better sourcing and targeting, your campaign dollars aren’t wasted on inefficient ads. Researching the best source of hire and tabulating the data is simple when you use intelligent automation in your job advertising.

Not only can AI assess lots of data quickly to make the process of posting jobs more efficient, but it also makes smarter decisions about where to place job ads and how best to spend money by assessing real-time performance data. Because AI learns over time, it continually incorporates up-to-date data to enhance your quality of sourcing. When it comes to recruitment advertising, intelligent automation is crucial because it streamlines your hiring process and increases your quality of hire.

It Reduces Human Error And Optimizes Efficiency

With repetitive tasks, occasional errors are almost a given. Intelligent automation helps reduce these errors. Even simple tasks like prioritizing email can now be automated. This micro-process helps improve the efficiency of your organization overall and can be particularly effective in hiring because they reduce cost-per-hire and time to hire while increasing quality of hire. These factors help in the short term by ensuring vacancies are filled quickly by talented candidates, but also help in the long term by increasing your organizational growth. Finding better quality candidates means you are continually adding more value to your organization.

It Reduces Bias

While AI can “learn” bias, it can also be set to assess and reduce bias. One key example is in assistive interview-screening software, which can perform personality assessments using facial recognition software during the interview phase of the hiring process. Recording AI-assessed interviews can help reduce unintentional bias that may occur. When you reduce bias at the hiring stage, your organization can increase diversity and inclusivity, which is correlated to better business outcomes.

You’ll Get A Constant Flow Of Analytics

Intelligent automation has the added bonus of being able to continually assess and incorporate new data into its process. Many platforms have built-in assessment tools that can help communicate the effectiveness of your practices and the growth opportunities you can implement to improve your hiring processes. Intelligent automation thus helps you grow and improve over time.

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