5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Post Jobs Manually

In your role as a talent manager, your goal is likely to hire high-quality talent ideal for your open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible. The key to this task is to conserve your time and spending, which is hard to do when you want to reach the perfect candidates at their preferred spaces online. One way to make your job easier and get quality results is to not post your available jobs yourself. Leave this part of the gig up to tech.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why.

1. Your reach is minuscule

Job ad distribution software can post your ad to thousands of sites in the time it takes you to log on to your LinkedIn account. You can’t do this manually. (Well, you could, but your talent acquisition team would all develop carpal tunnel syndrome by the end of the workday.) A digital age requires digital solutions, particularly when you’re hiring in a competitive market. Your talent acquisition team can’t scour the internet for candidates, but technology can. Job ad tech distributes your ad so it has a wider reach beyond the few sites you could post to manually. A further reach for your job ad will get you more candidates more quickly, saving both time and money.

2. It’s hard to target posts

Do you create data spreadsheets and research each site before manually posting? This would be smart, but it’s also time-consuming. When you employ a data-driven strategy to posting using job ad tech, you can post to the best sites for your ad type based on the way candidates actually search. Because nurses hunt for jobs differently than truck drivers, a data-driven strategy can save time because the ads are targeted to the right candidates, reaching qualified potential hires more quickly. Targeted ads also save money because you’re not paying for ad space that has little-to-no traffic—you’re hitting the mark right where you want, quickly and efficiently.

3. You won’t find passive candidates

Passive candidates are people who are not actively seeking a job—they’re not searching career websites for hours a day looking to find you. Instead, you find them. Passive candidates are usually scrolling through their social media when, all of a sudden, a job ad pops up intriguing enough that they may just apply.

This kind of job ad is targeted. It uses algorithms based on how and where people search on the internet to find candidates who may be interested in your posting. Ads posted via algorithm will get you more qualified candidates because they have a further reach beyond the traditional job sites. They also open up a new pool of talent—candidates who weren’t actively seeking out a job, but might just find one anyway.

4. It’s unpredictable

Manually posting job ads is commonly referred to as the “post and pray” model for a reason. When you pick and choose your tried-and-true sites, you aren’t really choosing the best places for your job ad; instead, you are sticking with the status quo and a “that’s how we’ve always done it” mentality. But the way that people search for jobs is evolving—what has worked in the past won’t continue to work in the future.

Job ad distribution software uses prediction based on data to find the best location for your job ad. If you can predict the place that your job ad would get the most traffic and garner the best candidates (and yes, you can), your ads will work more efficiently, cost less, and ultimately streamline your hiring process.

5. You won’t be able to measure performance

When you post manually to multiple sites, you likely won’t get up-the-minute adjustments of your job ad performance. No one site will tell you to stop paying them because your job ad isn’t getting any clicks. Job ad distribution software, on the other hand, can measure your job ad’s performance in real-time. Machine learning adjusts your job ad distribution based on the new data that it continually collects, and job ad tech will cut off spending to places that do not perform well. This helps you find candidates faster and focus your spending on locations that work—optimizing your overall budget and getting more candidates in the fastest way possible.

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