6 Things You Need To Know About Recruiting With AI [Fast Facts]

The number of impressive things Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do today is anything but short. AI helps us get to our destinations faster, predicts the weather better, recommends songs we may like, and can outsmart humans at Jeopardy. But did you know AI can also enhance your recruitment and talent acquisition strategies? In fact, 80% of executives agree that AI can help make recruiting processes more efficient. That’s because with an AI-enabled solution, technology can automate and improve everything in the recruitment process from job advertising and resume screening to applicant engagement, scheduling, and recruiting by text. AI also offers the tools to overcome the limitations and biases inherit in recruiting with automated processes that are hyper-responsive to market data, complex metrics, and even budget restraints.

To help you better understand the role AI can play in your own recruiting process, we’ve created this list of fast facts to illustrate how recruiting with AI can lead to more effective candidate sourcing, screening, hiring, and retention.

6 Things You Need To Know About Recruiting With AI

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