Strategies to Find Employees For Your Small Business

Are you looking for ways to find and hire great employees for your small business? First off, you are a small business owner, congratulations! Owning a small business takes a lot of dedication, effort, and work. After establishing your business, perhaps you are at the point where you could use some extra help. Adding a member to your team can be greatly beneficial, but how do you find someone that will be an asset to your business? How do you find someone that you can train and hopefully keep on board? 

Hiring someone can be a daunting task, especially when you are a small business and when you do not know where to begin the search. Avoid a bad hiring decision by developing an effective recruiting process. Check out these ways to hire great employees for your small business.

8 Ways to Find and Hire Great Employees for Your Small Business

1.  Use social media networks: In the digital age that we live in now, it has become more common to use social media for outsourcing, communicating with customers, and yes, even hiring! LinkedIn is highly recommended for professionals to connect. One valuable feature of LinkedIn is the ability to share your job description or use recruiting tools that LinkedIn offers. Facebook is another great social media platform for connecting with others specific to your industry via groups. 

2. In-person networking:  While times have definitely changed, there are still opportunities for connecting in person with potential employees. Check your local area for career fair dates, trade conferences, or other events in your industry. The one thing to consider is your budget for these events as sometimes they can get expensive if you attend multiple events like this and as a small business, that may or may not be feasible. However, if you come into contact with members of the public that you think would be a great asset to your business, don’t hesitate to feel out the situation. You never know who you could find that may be looking for a different career opportunity.

3.  Post your job opportunity on a free job site: There are free job sites out there like Indeed, Google, or Craigslist that may be helpful in assisting you to find qualified candidates. If you choose to advertise your job online, sites like Glassdoor and Monster are good options. Oftentimes you will have to pay a monthly fee to post your job, so unless you have a large number of positions available and a limited budget, the free job sites may be the better option for you and your business.

4.  Referrals: Utilize your personal network or ask family or friends if they might know of anyone looking for a position. You never know if family and friends or network contacts have spoken to someone that is seeking a different place of employment. 

5.  Universities, High Schools, Or Small Colleges: Students are looking for ways to build their portfolio and experience. So, what better way to find someone excited about a job than reaching out to a local college, university, or high school? You may also be able to test the waters to see if an internship is a possibility. High school students are also looking for ways to earn some extra cash or experience during the summer months. That way, the student can earn experience and potentially become an employee of your company.

6.  Fliers and Help Wanted signs: If you have a storefront or a business location, placing a Help Wanted sign outside your business or a flier in your outside window is always an option. Creating hiring flyers or placing signs in your area where they are allowed is also something to consider. If you have a budget for it, reserving ad space on a public bench or billboard could be worth the investment and if anything, it gets your business name out there too.

7.  Company website: If you have a company website, one of the easiest ways to share your job is to post it on your website. Creating a Careers or Jobs page on your business website with a link to the page navigation will make it easy for visitors to check available openings and to check back if and when there are additional positions available. Make sure to include the description of the job, along with how they can apply. Using a web form is fairly easy to set up and get all the necessary information you need to be able to contact those interested in the position.

8. AI Recruitment: Utilizing artificial intelligence throughout the talent acquisition process is a popular strategy. Companies like PandoLogic use AI recruiting tools and software to assist in various levels of the recruitment funnel. PandoLogic helps employers source talent faster and more efficiently thanks to predictive algorithms, machine learning, and AI. To get started finding great employees for your small business, check out PandoLogic

If you are looking for ways to hire great employees for your small business, there are many options to consider. From job posting websites, career fairs and trade shows to connecting with networks, you have to decide which ones are the best for your business and your budget.

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