AI Empowerment: Turning Data Into Peace of Mind During The Seasonal Hiring Rush

As the year draws to a close, you’re probably looking for ways to make the seasonal hiring rush easier. Whether that means hiring seasonal employees or dealing with a boom period, time and resources can be in short supply. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) and data can step in and make your recruiting and hiring easier.

Maintain Your Existing Talent Pool

When it comes to finding and hiring the right people for your seasonal rush, it’s essential to have a good starting point. AI platforms can manage a database of previous employees, referrals, or applicants. Instead of going back and digging through a pile of resumes or trying to relocate that email that Jean sent you last year with a great potential worker, the data is already there for the wrangling. If you’ve fed the information into a database, your AI would create reports based on the criteria you set.

Advertise Open Jobs

Time is a major luxury here, which means you want your openings advertised fast, far, and wide, in the places they’re most likely to be seen. A programmatic job advertising platform can help you not only post automatically to certain sites, boards, etc., but also let you make updates or changes on the fly. Real-time engagement data can help you decide if a recruiting avenue just isn’t working out—and direct your job ad and resources elsewhere.

This programmatic tool uses AI to analyze supply and demand data, giving you easily reviewable information about where you’re likely to find the people you want to reach.

Manage Applications

This time of year you can be inundated with applications. An AI program allows you to take in large numbers of applications, convert the information into useable data, zero in on the keywords or qualities you want, and organize the applications into a useable format.

AI can also get additional information from applicants that will help speed along the process, like pre-interview questions, contact information, upcoming availability, and other data points that would require human intervention.

Improve The Applicant Experience

When response and processing time are high, potential employees may feel neglected or left hanging. They might also take other opportunities that come up in the meantime, leaving a gap for you. While you’ll always need a certain level of human touch, an AI platform can handle early and automatic communications with potential hires: “We’ve received your application” confirmations, pre-employment testing, chatbots to answer basic questions, interview scheduling, and other touchpoints that would otherwise require a member of your team to do outreach. When candidates feel like the process is moving along, they’re less likely to bail, wasting their time and yours.

Deal With High Turnover After Hiring

Once you’ve hired your team, you may find that you have to do it again sooner than you thought, with people leaving for other seasonal opportunities or whatever reason. Having the AI infrastructure in place makes it easier to go back into the process quickly and seamlessly.

Increase Your Hiring Efficiency

This time of year, you need your team to be operating optimally. One of the big fears about AI is that it pushes out the human factor, replacing “human resources” with robots. In reality, using AI to supplement your seasonal hiring strategies lets you target your existing resources much more efficiently. Your team is able to do the work that they need to do (making qualitative decisions, coordinating more advanced hiring activities) without getting bogged down in a lot of the preliminaries and paperwork.

The rush season can feel overwhelming with all its to-dos and pressure, but we have the digital capability to make it a little less stressful and more effective. AI software lets you put your time and your money where it needs to be spent—bringing in the best people at the right time of year.

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