5 DE&I Initiatives Your Organization Should Start in 2023

Having a diverse workplace is a necessity of the modern age, as a diverse workforce brings with it competitive advantages. People with diverse backgrounds and mindsets come with a wide range of perspectives and a propensity to produce solutions that can help your organization stay ahead of the curve. More than that, a diverse and inclusive workforce can help build your employer brand and reputation.

The younger generations in the workforce prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion when deciding which company suits them best. In a recent Glassdoor survey over 75% of those who responded said that workplace diversity was an important issue. Having a diverse and inclusive culture can help your organization attract and retain top talent, which is invaluable to your business growth.

But where to start? Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts require a concerted and sustained effort from employers if they are going to make lasting changes at their organization. In this piece, we’ll be going over 5 different DE&I initiatives that can bring your organization up to speed.

5 DE&I Initiatives to Start Today

Create a Generous Referral Program to Diversify Your Candidate Pool<

Referral programs are one of the surest ways to hire top talent, but they can also boost your diversity metrics. Your workers will each have a network of connections, brimming with people from different fields and backgrounds. 

Creating a referral program improves your sourcing strategy and gives your employees opportunities to be rewarded for their efforts. Referral rewards should be tangible—not just a simple thank you.

To create a successful referral program, it’s important to provide incentives that will motivate employees to participate. Monetary rewards are a great option, as they offer a tangible benefit that employees can use to improve their own lives. For example, offering a cash bonus or increased PTO for successful referrals can be an effective way to get employees excited about the program. Other options might include gift cards or even paid experiences, such as a weekend getaway or a fancy dinner.

Maintaining a successful referral program is difficult, and costs resources, but is worth it in the long run. The benefits of a successful referral program can be significant. In addition to finding top talent and increasing diversity, such programs can also boost employee satisfaction and engagement. By giving employees the opportunity to help shape the future of the organization and rewarding them for their efforts, companies can create a culture of inclusivity and collaboration that benefits everyone involved.

Focus On Your Employee’s Health

Employee health and well-being are crucial components of a thriving and inclusive workplace. Providing quality, affordable healthcare is one of the most significant benefits an employer can offer, and it can have a profound impact on employee satisfaction, retention, and diversity. Over 50% of job seekers list healthcare as their number one priority, and anyone can see why.

The pandemic threw everyone for a loop; without proper insurance, someone could find themselves in a real financial bind. This need for affordable healthcare is exacerbated by rising costs. Post pandemic yearly healthcare spending sits at around $4.5 trillion a year, around $12,500 per capita. Therefore, it’s essential for employers to prioritize investing in high-quality healthcare plans that offer comprehensive coverage at affordable rates.

Moreover, offering robust healthcare benefits can also help attract and retain a diverse range of talent. Many underrepresented groups face additional health-related challenges and barriers to accessing quality care, such as higher rates of chronic illness or language barriers. By offering inclusive healthcare benefits that address the unique needs of these groups, employers can create a more welcoming and supportive workplace culture that encourages diversity and inclusivity. If you want your workplace to feel inclusive and welcoming to new hires, you need to make sure they feel safe and healthy. Invest in proper, affordable healthcare, and your retention rates will thank you.

Give Fair Chance Hiring… A Chance

Research shows that about one third of Americans have been arrested at some point in their lives, which can have long-term consequences on their employment opportunities and overall quality of life.. As a result, many find it hard to get a job, especially those who have been incarcerated. Fair chance hiring looks to combat this epidemic of joblessness by removing criminal history as a barrier to employment. This means that job applicants are not automatically disqualified from consideration due to past criminal convictions.

By implementing fair chance hiring practices, employers can tap into a wider pool of talent, including individuals who may have been overlooked due to their criminal history. This can ultimately lead to a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture, as well as a more skilled and capable workforce.

Fair chance hiring is an essential component of any diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiative. By removing criminal history as a barrier to employment, employers can tap into a wider pool of talent and promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture. Moreover, embracing fair chance hiring practices can also help employers build a more innovative and collaborative team, as well as create opportunities for individuals who have been historically marginalized or overlooked.

Integrate Environmental Responsibility Into the Workplace

Integrating environmental responsibility into the workplace can be an effective strategy for improving diversity and inclusion, particularly among younger workers. Today’s workforce is increasingly concerned with environmental issues and wants to see that their employers are taking steps to address them.

Employees want to work for conscious-minded organizations that make an effort to help their community and the world. Consider creating environmentally friendly office initiatives like a plastic-free workplace, or donating to nonprofits that are looking to better ecosystems.

Begin Utilizing AI Recruitment Solutions

During the hiring process, AI recruitment software can further your DE&I efforts. Screening tools can relieve your seasoned recruiters of the task, saving countless hours of company time, but that’s not all. Having a machine review resumes eliminates the chance for human bias to impact your candidate pool.

AI recruiting tools that control your job ad campaign, such as pandoIQ, can place your ads on specialized job boards. These websites target groups that could further enrich your workspace culture, while providing superior candidates.

The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace culture are numerous, including attracting and retaining top talent, improving employee satisfaction and engagement, and increasing innovation and collaboration. The initiatives discussed above are a great place to begin making lasting changes in DE&I at your organization. By taking these steps, you can create a more welcoming and supportive workplace culture that encourages diversity and inclusivity, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.

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