How Employee Success Stories Impact Talent Acquisition

For many young workers, the American dream seems like just that — a dream. Workers are losing faith in the system and in their employers, but the truth is that there is still plenty of opportunities out there. People simply need to see this success for themselves. Hearing from previous or current employees who have forged their own career paths can be a serious motivator. 

Having these employee success stories at your disposal is a fantastic resource for your organization. Today, we’re going to discuss how you can utilize these stories to give your talent acquisition a serious boost.

5 Benefits of Promoting Employee Success Stories

Provides a Strong Social Media Presence

When looking to further your social media presence, sharing success stories can push your company’s page above your competitors. Seeing what your company does for its workers, both in terms of growth and support, will attract new workers to your organization. And with the rise of social recruiting, having a strong social presence is becoming a major recruitment tool.

Focus your efforts on sharing the success of both past and present employees. For those who found high-level positions through your company, post their stories as a display of your company’s influence. Employee of the week/month posts helps potential applicants understand that they’ll be appreciated working with your company as well.

Makes For a Good Recruitment Video

Recruitment videos are a powerful tool that allow potential hires to see what your company is like on the inside. Testimonials about the positive work environment are good additions, but to go above and beyond, add those employee success stories! Displaying your employee’s hard work alongside your business not only radiates appreciation, but it also shows that your culture revolves around your people. 

Strengthens Trust in Promotional Pathways

One of the most prevalent reasons so many workers are quitting is that they feel stuck in their current jobs. With no sign that they’ll be able to move up, earning more money in the process, they look to other companies who are offering more. Having clear promotional pathways is a good way to bolster retention, and having a number of employee promotional stories helps solidify employee expectations. If they see their peers achieving success, and hear from others who have worked their way up in the company, they’ll be motivated to stand out.

For potential hires, the promotional pathways you’ve set up become attainable goals. Before they’ve even started working for you, they have an idea of how their time with your company will go. This will make them more likely to apply, and stay dedicated to the application.

Improves Employer Brand

Your company storytelling shouldn’t be as simple as sharing every employee success story — these stories should point to your company’s mission and values. In doing this, employee success stories will bring your employer brand to life, showing the real-world, tangible ways your organization lives up to its messaging. 

Use employee success stories as proof that you support your employees’ futures. Hearing this from employees—and hearing exactly how your organization supported their growth and development—goes a long way toward building trust with candidates.

Connects Your Workplace Community

At the end of the day, your company is a community, filled with diverse individuals. Each has their own unique story and sharing how their careers evolve lifts up and connects your workers with one another. Your company goals will become their goals, and old and new heads alike will start sharing these success stories with applicants and candidates along the course of the hiring process. 

Take Advantage of Employee Success Stories

Employee success stories are not only a great way to let your employees share their experiences, but they can also be a differentiator in talent acquisition. So take the initiative, and start looking into your current and future employees’ successes. In the long run, the increase in retention and motivation should save you resources, as well as improve your internal and external talent pools. 

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