Future of Recruitment: Strategies to Get Ahead of the Competition

In the recruitment world, things move fast. To help you keep up, we’ve taken a look back at past tactics—and put together a list of trends and strategies you need to know for the future of recruitment. 

Then and Now

Let’s take a look at some past strategies, where we are today, and what that might mean for tomorrow and the future of recruitment. 

Then: Unchecked Bias – In the past, unchecked biases about age, race, and education made it all too easy for a qualified candidate to be passed over for a role. 

Now: Training and Blind Screenings – Now, recruiting teams are aware of the harm that biases can do and actively work to mitigate them through tactics like unconscious bias training and using blind hiring practices and machine-learning-driven technology to complete initial talent screenings.

Then: Several Rounds of Face-to-Face Interviews – It used to be that after an initial phone screening, a candidate would head into the office to meet with employees in person. That meant that if a candidate wasn’t local, they would have to travel to wherever that office location was.

Now: Video Interviews Regardless of Location – Now (and especially following the pandemic), employers are open to candidates who aren’t local—sometimes even many time zones apart. This is made possible through better and more reliable video interviewing software. 

Then: Manual Job Postings – Before, posting job ads to the many, many job sites was a time-consuming and difficult task. (Not to mention way back when, when job ads were restricted to the classifieds!)

Now: Automated and Intelligent – Now, technology like PandoLogic’s programmatic recruitment software exists. This tech takes the guesswork out of a recruitment campaign by analyzing historical data to decide where, when, and for how long to post your job ad for the best results. 

Future of Recruitment

While it’s impossible to tell the future at large, it’s not impossible to make some predictions about where the future of recruitment is headed—especially considering the past several years. 

  • Continued Emphasis on Diversity: It will be important for recruiters to continue to champion diversity for roles of all levels. Sometimes, you may hear someone say a company’s lack of diversity is due to a “pipeline problem.” As we move toward a more inclusive world, recruiters will not only have a more diverse talent pipeline but will also need to ensure that their practices are conducive to building an inclusive workforce. 
  • Fewer Geographical Boundaries: Of course, this prediction for the future of recruitment is highly dependent on the role you are recruiting for. But many white collar jobs that, theoretically, can be done from anywhere probably will be. Or at the very least, employees will want that option, which means employers will need to be flexible on where their employees can be located—whether that means a different state or even a different country.
  • Smarter and Smarter Supplemental Technology: Technology that recruiters use will continue to get smarter—not to replace their jobs but to help them. When technology takes care of the menial to-dos and streamlines bulky processes, recruiters can focus on the strategies and initiatives that require a human touch. Additionally, this technology will also provide in-depth data and results—which will feed into campaigns and decisions in the future. 
  • Fast Paced and Competitive: Can something be the future of recruitment if it’s already in the present? With this prediction, the answer is yes. Unfortunately for employers, it doesn’t look like the pace or level of competitiveness within the job market is going to die down anytime soon. The good news is, the rise in technology that will also be a key to the future of recruitment can help you tackle the challenges that come with having to move fast.
  • You May Need to Market: Given the competitive job market that isn’t going to change, building a strong and genuine employer brand is more important than ever. So not only will recruiters be in charge of marketing the role, they’ll also be in charge of marketing the company. 

We’ve learned from the past, and now PandoLogic has our sights set on the future—which is why we’re on top of the trends you need to know about to get ahead of the competition.

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