How To Grow A Highly Qualified Candidate Pool

First, what is a candidate pool? A candidate pool is a list of applicants who have been identified as potential candidates for an open position. Candidate pools can be created through different sourcing methods such as job postings, employee referrals, or recruitment agencies. 

While candidate pools may sound like an endless bountiful resource of candidates, it is more often, not as plentiful as it sounds. A pool of qualified candidates is actually very difficult to maintain and maintain well. The tricky thing about qualified candidates is that they are typically qualified for lots of jobs, and it’s unlikely that they will stay a member of your pool for long. Additionally, an organization or a specific role may attract a large number of applicants, but if your qualifying criteria and filters for that criteria aren’t up to snuff, the number of qualified candidates in your pool may be scarce.

How Do You Grow A High-Quality Candidate Pool?

Here are a few key ways to go about growing your candidate pool and ensuring the quality of applicants:

1. Use job boards and other online resources: There are a number of great online resources available that can help you reach a wider pool of candidates. Job boards like Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder are good places to start. You can also post your job on your company website and on social media sites like LinkedIn.

2. Use employee referral programs: Employee referral programs can be a great way to attract high-quality candidates. Your employees likely know people who would be a good fit for the open position, so they can help you reach out to them. Be sure to offer incentives for employees who refer successful candidates.

3. Use recruitment agencies: Recruitment agencies can help you reach a wider pool of candidates and screen them for you. This can save you a lot of time and energy in the hiring process. However, be sure to choose a reputable agency that specializes in your industry.

4. Use social media: Social media is a great way to reach out to potential candidates. You can post job listings on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also use social media to build relationships with potential candidates and learn more about them.

5. Use networking events: Networking events are a great way to meet potential candidates in person. Attend industry-specific events or job fairs to meet people who may be interested.

These are some tried and true ways to expand your recruitment reach, but in today’s world, we have the data and technology to cut out the guessing and eliminate the human bias that goes into some of these recruitment tactics. Using AI recruitment tools for candidate sourcing does the qualifying for you, identifying people that meet the criteria of your role and company and advertising the position in the exact right place and time to capture their attention.

Using AI Recruitment platforms like PandoLogic is a great way to make sure your candidate pool is always full of high-quality candidates without any extra effort on your part. All you need to do is set up the criteria for your ideal candidate and our software takes care of the rest, sourcing, qualifying, and even scheduling interviews for you.

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