Why Healthcare Recruiters Need AI to Find Passive Candidates

It’s no secret that in healthcare recruiting, one of the biggest challenges is finding the best talent in an ever-changing field. The healthcare industry is heading toward a serious talent gap in the coming years. By 2030, the Association of American Medical Colleges predicts that there will be a deficit of more than 100,000 doctors. And for nurses, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2020, almost half of registered nurses will reach retirement age. Facing a talent crunch like this, you want the top candidates, but they may not even be the ones actively looking for new jobs.

Getting to these passive candidates has always been one of the most significant challenges in recruiting, and has traditionally eaten up a lot of an organization’s recruiting time and resources. The best way to maximize your outreach to passive candidates is not to sink more time and money into the search, but rather turn to technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruiting tools allow you to take an automated, data-based approach to your outreach, using sophisticated algorithms and metrics to find the candidates you might not see otherwise.

AI Can Target The Right Audience For Your Job Postings

Some AI platforms, like pandoIQ, can take the mystery out of how effective your posts will be on a particular site. Up to now, posting job listings has been a process that’s ripe for human error and guesswork. With algorithms and advanced metrics, AI can help you figure out where your postings are likely to catch the eye (and clicks) of someone who might not be doing a comprehensive job search. Machine-learning algorithms use keywords, current job, and company, and other customizable attributes to build profiles for various sites, and let you know which kinds of candidates are lurking there. Using that data, you can start compiling information on candidates who might be interested and meet your criteria.

AI also boosts engagement by helping you decide where you’re getting the most ROI for your job postings. Having that level of data at your fingertips can help your organization make smarter decisions (in real time) about where you’re seeing the best results for your postings.

Use AI To Boost Your Social Media Outreach

According to a Health eCareers survey, 92% of healthcare companies say that employer brand is one of the most potent tools they use to recruit new talent. And when it comes to employer branding, there’s no force quite as powerful as social media, which reaches candidates in real time and has the power to catch the attention of casual users (or in this case, passive candidates).

AI tools can be used to place ads that target particular job seekers based on the profile information they share. The AI platform then takes information about clicks and engagement back to you, giving you valuable data about who’s interacting with your ads and where you’re getting the most engagement.

Use Real-Time Results To Improve Your Passive Candidate Searches

One of the benefits of AI automation is that it allows you to be nimble. No more deciding on a strategy, implementing it, and then throwing it out into the wind in the hopes that it brings back the candidates you need. AI lets you see results of outreach in real time, allowing you to make changes as you go—dropping sites that aren’t getting results and boosting ads and posting in places where they’re getting more attention. Overall, it takes way less time and energy to make small tweaks along the way than to implement, wait for results, revise as necessary, and start again. It makes your organization better able to respond to real-time changes in both the healthcare industry and recruiting field.

Passive candidates may seem elusive as you try to bring in the best people available and beat the looming healthcare talent gaps, but AI and a data-focused approach can give you a leg up on the challenges to come.

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