How AI Recruiting Simplifies Enterprise Hiring Efforts

With constantly shifting (and seemingly never-ending) demands, enterprise recruiting can often feel like one big, open-ended challenge—especially for bigger organizations. With ever-increasing pressure to improve key metrics like time to hire and cost per hire, sophisticated tech can be the enterprise recruiter’s best friend. Enter AI recruiting.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an especially potent tool in recruiting. Enterprise recruiting, specifically, requires scalability and efficiency, both things that AI software excels at handling. Machine learning and predictive algorithms allow organizations to maximize their recruiting efforts across a broad landscape.

Sourcing Candidates

Finding the right people is one of the biggest challenges in recruiting. In fact, research by LinkedIn indicates that 46% of recruiters and hiring managers have identified “finding the right candidate” as the biggest hurdle in hiring today. AI platforms can automatically post job listings to hundreds of job sites, niche job boards, and social media. But the true advantage is that AI recruiting doesn’t just post and make you wait for results; campaign algorithms can automate and optimize decisions about what to post and where driven by real-time results and data.

So much of recruiting is based on educated guesses and making predictions about success. AI helps take some of the guesswork out of this by using sophisticated tools like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to make predictions about how job posts will perform online. When postings and ads are directed toward the highest-yield sources, you get better results. And even more importantly, it increases the odds of putting the right ad in the right place at the right time and converting a passive job seeker into an active candidate.

Using intuitive AI gets more people (and crucially, more qualified people) into the funnel. Letting AI recruiting take the reins in this initial step frees up valuable staff resources to focus on what they do best—build relationships with candidates and manage later parts of the process.

Screening Candidates

Per a survey by recruitment firm Hays, 92% of employers surveyed saw skills shortages as a significant problem in recruiting. AI tools allow a deeper dive into candidate resumes and data. By using data accumulated from previous hires and candidates, AI algorithms allow for more nuanced screening (beyond basic keywords) to determine which candidates are likely to be a good fit and which ones are lacking in skill areas.

Chatbots, personality assessments, and pre-interview testing tools gather real-time data on candidates that can help perform advanced screening beyond the resume. These tools can identify problem spots (unresponsive candidates, weak skills or qualifications) before they even get to one of your human team members.

Improving Key Recruiting Metrics

AI-enabled algorithms lower cost per applicant (CPA) and increase your ROI in general. AI recruiting helps you optimize at every step of the funnel, making real-time decisions about ad effectiveness (spending less money on low-yield talent sources) and candidate viability. It increases an organization’s recruiting flexibility, which grows more essential as the volume gets higher across the organization and the staffing needs get more urgent.

Although some fear that AI is a threat to the “human” aspect of HR, the reality is that it augments the very necessary, very valuable team members at every stage. Using AI recruiting to assist with lower-level tasks and to provide ever-better data at every step of the process allows your team to make more informed and nuanced decisions—faster than ever.

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