8 Ways AI Can Reduce Recruiter Workload

Recruitment software and other hiring tools have one goal — to reduce recruiter workload. For the most part, these tools serve at most a small variety of functions. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) allows companies to organize and track a large number of candidates based on a variety of factors, but that’s all it can do. AI recruitment software’s inherent flexibility and range of uses separates it from other hiring tools. In this article, we’ll be discussing 8 of the ways that AI software reduces recruiter workload throughout the entirety of the hiring process.

Dispenses Information to Candidates

The most popular AI software type on the market today is by far the chatbot — around a quarter of customer service interactions involve one. Chatbots are conversational AI that specializes in dispensing information. This includes info about what it’s like to work for your organization, as well as the duties of whatever job an applicant is vying for. Nearly indistinguishable from a human HR member, chatbots carry out conversations naturally and fluidly. 

Chatbots save your HR team time by making sure candidates and consumers have all of their questions answered. The days of being glued to the phone answering questions are long over.

Takes Over the Screening Process

Screening candidates can be a long and arduous process. When mass hiring, thousands of resumes can be submitted for review — and without tools, it’s up to recruiters to pick out the stars. It takes a seasoned recruiter less than ten seconds to go over one resume, but with thousands to go through the process can take days of work. With the aid of screening software, the job is done autonomously and quickly, leaving your recruiters free to perform necessarily human tasks.

Assess Candidates Throughout Recruitment

Pre-employment assessments can be a consistent and fair way to streamline the employment pipeline while providing your organization with useful data but have shortcomings when implemented carelessly. Making talented candidates take too many tests can disenfranchise them, and cause them to abandon the application process. AI recruitment software can avoid an assessment overload by sending candidates carefully selected pre-employment assessments based on their skill sets.

Optimizes Job Ad Placement

One of the more challenging sourcing decisions recruiters face is where they should post their job ads. Taking into account diversity, specialized job aggregates, and other factors is a time-consuming process. When combined with a network of ad distribution sites, such as our own PandoExchange, AI software can optimize the placement of your ads.

Schedules Interviews

AI software can automatically email candidates selected for an interview, and schedule one in the blink of an eye. Traditionally a call or a personally written email would inform the candidate of their progression, followed by another call or chain of messages to set the meeting up. Over the course of multiple hires, this change will cause recruiter workloads to be decreased by hours of work.

Can Hold Interviews Autonomously

Autonomous, remote interviewing has shot up in usage since the start of the pandemic. Companies like Hilton and Google have adopted automated interviews in the past, and as a result, drastically lowered their time-to-hire. For large-scale hiring efforts, AI conducted interviews can save time by reviewing multiple candidates at once without a recruiter being present.

Keeps In Contact With Candidates

After the interviews have concluded and a decision has been reached, AI software can email candidates with their results. This has the dual benefit of saving your team from having to type up a number of rejections emails, as well as making the candidates who do receive the rejection feel appreciated.  

Having the AI software send the occasional automatic email to candidates you’re particularly interested in can keep that connection alive for future openings. For recruiters this would be a difficult to remember and tedious task, but when automated the messages will always be sent in a timely manner.

Can Suggest Changes Based on Data

More advanced AI recruitment software learns how to better do its job based on the input it’s given — and it can pass its findings onto the user. Our very own Wendy can pass on unique candidate insights, and can even create a recommended short-list based on the job requirements. 

While it takes more than one or two clicks, a good AI software toolbox can save your recruiting team countless hours of work. Pandologic’s suite of tools, when combined with Wade & Wendy’s AI software, can provide support during any portion of the hiring process.

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