How AI Uplevels the Staffing Agency Process

How AI Uplevels the Staffing Agency Process

Everywhere you look, you’ll see the word artificial intelligence (AI). We are amidst a technological revolution with AI as the driving force. Its impact is significant across the talent acquisition landscape, particularly for a staffing agency. These advancements in AI have empowered hiring agencies to connect more easily with potential candidates. But staffing agencies now face a new problem: how to process the resulting volume of candidates—enter AI. 

A normally time-consuming task for anyone working at a staffing agency (like resume screening) can become streamlined down to a matter of seconds with AI. Staffing agencies can benefit from an array of AI-assisted tech, particularly at the early stages of the hiring process when working with a high volume of potential candidates and resumes. As AI has grown more sophisticated to meet this need, its applications and multiple benefits to staffing agencies have also advanced.

Source Potential Candidates In The Right Places

AI works best with lots of data—the more data, the more accurate AI can predict and analyze the parts and particulars of hiring. For example, classification algorithms in AI can tailor job ad postings by job type—because the best place to post for a trucking company position will not be the same as the best source of hire for a vacant nursing position. Staffing agencies have a variety of job types to classify across multiple industries. AI can use historical and real-time data to assess the efficiency of job ads for any type of job, finding the best candidates for a particular job where they actually search.

Use ATS Data To Find Qualified Candidates

Another important sourcing strategy for staffing agencies can be found in their own Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which are often used to keep tabs on applicants through the hiring process. But what about after? ATS data is often underutilized. Past applicants can be a great source for new job openings, and reassessing applicant data in a new context (i.e. for a newly open position) is one of the ways machine learning can benefit staffing agencies. Returning to that data is efficient with AI applications and can allow staffing agencies to find interested and qualified candidates more quickly.

Screen Applicants With Just A Click

Once the process of sourcing candidates is optimized, staffing agencies will face the “good” problem of having a high volume of candidates to screen. While keyword searches within digital resumes have helped, there’s a lot more that AI can do to whittle down the slush to the top-tier candidates. AI can score candidates based on whatever criteria the head of hiring deems important. From past experience to a candidate’s commute time, AI can assess how well a candidate will fit in a particular position, analyzing a broader range of factors in less time.

Keep Candidates Engaged Throughout The Process

How many good candidates are lost simply because the hiring process is too lengthy? Candidates are liable to get poached or even just frustrated with your process. The efficiency of AI can decrease the time to hire, and now AI chatbots that use sophisticated natural language processing can also actually keep candidates engaged throughout the process and manage candidate expectations. From answering applicant questions, texting applicants, or scheduling interviews, AI chatbots can take another time-consuming task off a recruiter’s plate.

Interview In The Smartest Way Possible

AI can do a lot to help staffing agencies whittle candidates down to the top tier, but then what? Once the interviews are scheduled, recruiters still have to conduct interviews, do the handshakes, and make the final decisions. Video software can help staffing agencies review their candidates after the interview and give the team another set of eyes and impressions of potential front runners. AI software can also help staffing agencies assess and reduce unconscious bias on the part of an interviewer, offering more information to hiring managers so they can step back from personal feelings and allow hiring to be a more thoughtful process based on data.

AI takes the guesswork out of hiring while shaving off the frustrating parts of the job that take up tons of your time. Adopting AI into your program will yield top-tier candidates, leaving you time to take on more clients and serve them more efficiently.

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