How pandoIQ Can Prepare Retail Companies For Seasonal Hiring

The busy season is upon you, and the unread emails in your inbox are piling up. As fall and winter approach, HR teams can expect a lot more resumes to scrutinize, interviews to conduct, and onboarding processes to undertake during the seasonal hiring push to help companies prepare for the busy retail season. But before it all starts, you need to attract candidates to your company. PandoLogic’s pandoIQ helps companies streamline their hiring process by making job ad campaigns simple, cost-effective, and more efficient through targeted advertising using AI technology—thus finding the best candidates for all your seasonal vacancies from entry-level on up.

How Does It Work?

Online job posting has become more complex in the last decade. The rise of internet use (and especially social media) for everyday tasks, including job searching, has led to a need for something that helps sort through all the chatter. In general, when anyone scrolls through social media, clicks on a link, or “likes” a post, there are algorithms responding to their every move. As users create digital footprints, AI technology can assemble a vast amount of information and present these users with advertisements tailored to their interests.

For example, if you Google “the top healthiest dog foods,” you might get an ad for Petco days later. This level of sophistication that has saturated internet advertising is not just for retail—job seekers can find a job ad by passively scrolling through their social media or by actively searching job search engines. If your company is undertaking seasonal hiring, why not have your ad find the right candidate in both spaces, or wherever they are searching? This is what pandoIQ does well. Using historical job ad campaign data, coupled with your job ad, this technology can locate the best sources on the internet and keep tabs on the ad’s performance, adjusting in real-time to optimize the ad’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Save Cost Through Efficiency

The seasonal hiring push is the perfect time to implement a comprehensive programmatic platform like pandoIQ because this is when a higher volume of hiring can overextend the HR team. pandoIQ can take a lot of the legwork and guesswork out of manually posting on job ad sites. The complex problem of internet advertising has a simple solution: pandoIQ couples AI technology with Big Data to find qualified job candidates where they actually search on the internet.

The other benefit of pandoIQ is that it can handle multiple job ad campaigns at once. The seasonal push may have lots of entry-level retail positions or may include higher up positions that require more experience. The budget allocation algorithm can optimize job ad campaign dollars across multiple vacancies, prioritizing harder to fill positions, and cutting off ads that have collected enough resumes to fill the vacancy.

Save Time Through Smart Ad Placement

While collecting a lot of resumes is the first step to any hiring, you really want to collect a good crop of qualified talent, which is where pandoIQ shines. The technology doesn’t simply allow you to collect more resumes; by categorizing your job ads by job type and targeting your ads to good sources for your job type, the platform also allows you to collect a better crop of resumes and find better quality candidates more quickly. The efficiency of the ads can reduce both the time you need to post them, your time to hire and ad campaign costs for a better overall ROI. This is particularly important during the seasonal hiring push because simply having more resumes can sometimes mean you have a higher volume of unqualified candidates to sift through—which will cause inefficiencies later on in the hiring process.

Implementing an effective job ad campaign from the start will optimize your hiring across the board for every vacancy by setting the entire hiring process on the right path with qualified candidates. Put the tools in place, and your HR team can quickly fill positions when that seasonal push arises.

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