How Programmatic Builds The Bridge Between Marketing and Talent Acquisition

Just as marketing brings new prospects to your organization, so does talent acquisition. The similarities between these two endeavors has even given rise to the phrase “recruitment marketing,” and recruiters have become well aware of how the company brand can affect hiring.

When it comes to advertising your job, the similarities are even clearer. While hiring and sourcing candidates goes well beyond the job ad, there are many ways to strengthen your hiring by honing marketing principles to get your job ad noticed so you have a stronger crop of candidates to choose from. Recruiters can benefit from employing the strategies of marketers at this initial stage of the hiring process. With programmatic advertising, the process becomes quite simple because you can let tech do the bulk of the legwork in reaching the quality candidates you want working for your organization.

Even though it is well-established in the marketing world, recruiters may shy away from using programmatic. After all, you’re not in the business of advertising. It is but one small function of a larger job—but that is also precisely why this tech is helpful as you take on the responsibility of multi-channel marketing for your job openings.

It Knows Who To Reach

Researching the talent market to discover the best channels to reach the best talent may sound daunting, but programmatic makes it simple. A programmatic job advertising platform uses data from historical job ad campaigns to predict the best channels for your new job ad—essentially the tech comes pre-set with market research. The AI tech embedded in your programmatic platform “reads” your job ad, then classifies the type of job you are filling and predicts the best locations to place the ad. For every type of job, there may be the best channel to reach top talent because candidates search differently by industry and job type. So, this tech allows you to engage a sophisticated multi-channel marketing strategy without having to dive into a rabbit hole of talent market research.

It Knows Where To Find Them

Social media channels have become one of the top tools for marketers. The same is true for recruitment marketing from an engaging potential prospects perspective. Social media is your company brand. Your company website and social media accounts should highlight the benefits of working at your organization, especially as your job ads draw interested candidates to your sites. A benefit of programmatic advertising is that it can reach passive candidates through targeted ad placement on social media and can also handle multiple postings. This has the effect of reaching more quality candidates and reinforcing your social media presence.

It Knows What To Spend

Another essential component of taking on the responsibility of marketing your job ad is the budget. Recruiters often have to justify the costs of the job ad to decision-makers within the organization. This also requires research in order to set the budget appropriately. But determining how much to spend and where to put those job ad dollars is oftentimes patched together with hunches and guesswork. Most recruiters are wasting dollars on job ads this way—and the job ad comprises the bulk of your budget. A programmatic job ad platform can handle budget allocation. After it finds the best talent market channels for your ad, it continues to monitor the results of the job ad. If an ad underperforms on one channel, the AI cuts off spending to that source and reallocates those campaign dollars. This type of continual monitoring is only possible with tech, and it can really help maximize the effectiveness of your job ad budget.

With this type of monitoring, programmatic is also able to provide data reports so recruiters and decision-makers can follow the metrics to better understand how to improve the process and understand what drives traffic to your job ad. Over time, this data tracking can also show how the platform can improve your benchmarks for things like time to hire or cost-per-hire. Recruiters interested in employing a more robust recruitment marketing strategy will improve their metrics over time. With programmatic, it’s easy to see how it happens.

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