How Programmatic Recruitment Is Delivering ROI

If you’re looking to up your recruiting tech game in the new year, then programmatic recruitment tools should be at the top of your list as you start to plan, budget, and strategize. Programmatic recruitment means taking normal recruiting tasks and processes and automating them through artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis. It’s not about eliminating the human element—rather, the aim is optimizing the process and giving your team more flexibility and better results.

When you’re considering whether and how to implement programmatic recruiting tools for your organization, it typically comes down to one main consideration: how will this impact your results? The bottom line is that programmatic tools make your recruiting and hiring more efficient, targeting your efforts and resources more effectively.

Programmatic Recruitment Allows You To Make Real-Time Decisions

How often has your organization made significant financial commitments to avenues where you’re unsure what kind of returns you’ll see? Programmatic tools (like an AI platform) allow you to make decisions about where you’re investing your resources and energy, but also provide real-time data that allow you to see how your ads are faring based on various engagement metrics. That gives you the flexibility of being able to decide quickly what’s working and what’s not, and where you should be spending your precious resources.

AI can also bring down costs faster than ever, with your organization spending less money on advertising or talent sources that aren’t producing at the right level. Algorithms built into the platform can update and optimize your source cutoff strategies, budget allocations, and targeting strategies as quickly as the data comes in.

Programmatic Recruitment Sweetens Your KPIs

Right now, it’s all about the KPIs—time-to-fill, cost per hire, and applicant quality. Programmatic tools improve time and costs because they automate the tasks that would otherwise take more time and staff resources. When your team is able to spend less time and overhead on the “grunt work,” so to speak, it enables them to be more agile and focused on the more qualitative and hands-on aspects of recruiting. Automating the sourcing process requires far fewer initial investments of human resources.

AI makes your decision-making more adept and driven by data at every step of the process. Campaigns can be monitored and adjusted in real-time, giving you data to guide your next steps. And shaving valuable time from the evaluate-and-act parts of recruiting makes your time-to-fill numbers look better than ever.

In terms of applicant quality, these tools give you greater insight into the applicants you’re getting and let you set initial benchmarks or other criteria to make sure you’re bringing in the best possible candidates. These quality metrics demonstrate the strength of your recruiting and show whether you’re targeting the right candidates via the right methods.

AI Gives You Unprecedented Insight Into Your Recruiting

We live in a data-driven world now, and automating your recruiting builds—and uses—amounts of data that would weigh down even the most adept human analysts. Your strategies guide the algorithms and the criteria, and in real-time, you get to see how your ads are performing and how your outreach is going in general. It makes human discretion and strategy even more important at every level—even as the process becomes more automated. Programmatic recruiting makes you a more informed recruiter while improving your process all along the way.

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