How to Create a DEI Recruitment Strategy

DEI is an acronym commonly used in human resources circles to refer to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Most hiring managers and executives understand the importance of workplace diversity. However, celebrating diversity and acknowledging its importance is not enough. Action is necessary in the form of a DEI recruitment strategy and subsequent execution.

The creation of a sound DEI recruitment strategy requires prioritization. DEI strategies work when they are integral components of a company’s aims. Though linking the metrics of DEI with financial compensation is one option, such an approach is not suitable for all businesses. Take some time to reflect on your company culture, analyzing it in the context of which candidates it is most likely to attract. Subtle alterations such as changing the images on a website to reflect a diverse workforce steer racial minorities toward companies looking for new talent. 

Even a subtlety such as accommodations for individuals with varying physical abilities and sizes makes a difference in the context of inclusion and equity. Make minor alterations to draw in a diverse group of candidates and you’ll build an unstoppable momentum that steers even more diverse candidates to your business.

What is DEI Recruiting?

DEI recruiting is that characterized by providing employment opportunities to individuals of all:

  • Races
  • Gender Identities
  • Sexual Orientations
  • Physical Sizes
  • Religions
  • Among Others

In short, DEI is a comprehensive acceptance of all people, regardless of their unique demographics.

Break Down the Barriers to Hiring Diverse Talent

Why is DEI Important in Recruitment?

DEI ensures the business represents society at large. In short, it is in the interest of the company, its ownership, shareholders, employees, and the community as a whole for the workforce to reflect the surrounding society. The formation of a truly welcoming place of work puts DEI front and center in recruiting. 

Expand your hiring criteria beyond skills, education, and talent to include diverse demographics and you’ll set the stage for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds to make meaningful contributions to your organization. In some instances, the mere presence of differing points of view in meetings has the potential to drastically alter the course of a business.

3 Steps to Creating a DEI Recruitment Strategy

Facilitate DEI Recruiting with the Right Tech

The optimal tech tools make it that much easier to connect with diverse candidates without a significant investment of time, effort, or money. PandoLogic’s DEI recruiting tools empower executives and human resources specialists to connect with candidates in accordance with the nuanced criteria of open positions. Our AI-driven tools for DEI recruiting thwart any potential bias, empowering employers to connect with diverse candidates who possess the skills, education, and talent necessary to thrive in open positions.

Reduce Barriers to Workforce Entry

Underrepresented groups face significant barriers to employment entry. Do your part to knock down those impediments with the use of AI DEI recruiting tools and you’ll reap the rewards. You’ll gradually attract diverse “rainmakers” who make a meaningful difference to the bottom line by making it clear that your company and brand are inclusive. 

In terms of concrete actions to take to eliminate barriers, consider the following:

  • Expand interview opportunities with the use of online interview
  • Give employees the option of working remotely
  • Extend recruiting to HBCUs and other postsecondary institutions noted for diverse student bodies

Extend an Olive Branch to Underrepresented Groups

Make a concerted effort to extend interview opportunities to women along with racial minorities. Give fair consideration to such underrepresented groups when the time comes to choose someone for a promotion and word will spread that your company is inclusive.

Embrace racial, ethnic, and religious diversity as a strength at your business, extend an olive branch to those who are underrepresented and the gesture of goodwill will pay off exponentially in the months and years ahead.

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Create a DEI Hiring Strategy with AI

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