8 Strategies to Master High Volume Hiring

Recruitment strategies can and should vary based on the size of the company and the company’s needs. Talent acquisition specialists at larger companies in particular—or mid-sized ones during a hiring boom—may already be familiar with high volume hiring. This post defines high volume hiring and breaks down some helpful strategies for mastering this specific recruitment practice.

What Is High Volume Hiring?

Before we go into the strategies for helping you master high volume hiring, it’s important to define what high volume hiring is.

High volume hiring is simply the practice or situation of having to hire a significant number of employees High volume hiring is simply the practice or situation of having to hire a significant number of employees for many open roles at the same time and within a specific timeframe. This could mean hundreds or thousands within a year or even a smaller time frame like a season. Summer, for example, is a popular time for certain organizations to take part in mass hiring.

How Can High Volume Hiring Be Used?

When it comes to high volume hiring, it’s important to consider how best you can suit your organization’s needs. You wouldn’t engage in high volume hiring during a slow season—but you also wouldn’t want to use this practice after a busy season has already begun. Consider your long-term recruitment strategy and company growth goals to determine when high-volume hiring may be the most effective for you.

Strategies For Mastering High Volume Hiring

High volume hiring is a fairly specific way to fill open roles. Given that, there are a few helpful strategies, tips, and tricks you should keep in mind for making the most of this practice. 

Start with a Plan of Action Among Your Team

Before entering into a period of high volume hiring, you’ll want to define the roles within your team. Since success is so largely predicated on speed, you don’t want any internal communication—or lack thereof—to slow down the process. Defining who owns what, from phone screenings to reference checking, in your high volume hiring timeline will help start the practice on the right foot. 

Expand Your Sourcing

Before engaging in high volume hiring, make sure that you have considered many different avenues for talent sourcing. For example, if you don’t already utilize employee referrals, the next time you find yourself going into a high volume hiring situation might be the perfect time to start. 

Keep the Application Process Short and Simple

As mentioned earlier, speed is key. That means that you’ll want to keep your application process as short as possible, while still ensuring quality hires. 

Make the Application Accessible

In a world where social media usage is at a high, you’ll want to ensure that your application process is mobile-friendly. You never know when a candidate might be applying on the go. 

Utilize Programmatic Recruiting

Getting in front of the most candidates efficiently and effectively (while staying within budget) is one of the biggest challenges of mass hiring. That’s where you should consider programmatic recruiting. PandoIQ, PandoLogic’s programmatic recruiting software, fully automates and optimizes decision-making during the job advertising process.

Consider Robust, All-in-One Software

To be as efficient as possible during a period of high volume hiring, you’ll want software that can do more than just one thing. Consider a staffing solution like PandoLogic that can help with everything from candidate targeting to real-time data to final metrics reporting. 

Revisit Previous Applicants

You never know when a previous candidate may be the perfect fit for a new open role—which is why it’s important to utilize an applicant tracking system in addition to recruitment software. That way you can keep track of previous candidates and easily get back in touch with them.

Track Hiring Metrics

Depending on your organization’s needs, whether they’re seasonal or performance dependent, you may find yourself in a high volume hiring situation again. That’s why it’s important to track hiring metrics during one of these time periods. Then you’ll know what areas of your process worked well—and where you may want to improve. Robust recruitment software can help by giving you an all-in-one metrics dashboard for data transparency and tracking.

Boost High Volume Hiring with PandoLogic

Making high volume hiring work for you and your organization comes down to making smart decisions to help increase speed and decrease spend—a challenge made easier by utilizing smart technology.

Recruiting with AI helps improve the efficiency of your hiring team, while simultaneously increasing bandwidth and lowering the chance for recruiter burnout—especially in situations where high volume hiring is needed. Check out Pandologic’s suite of AI hiring tools and boost your high volume hiring efforts today.

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