How Your Staffing Agency Can Thrive and Close More Deals

You can promise excellent customer service and faster results, but the best way to really sell your staffing agency’s value is by actually delivering these results and building trust over time. Having data to provide to HR managers that backs up your sales pitch can help. After all, chances are the competition is promising the exact same thing. When your agency uses data-driven technology, your services can stand out, you can build analytics that measures your staffing agency’s efficiency and prove your worth, and you can put an emphasis on relationship-building with clients with the efficiencies you’ve gained.

Give Your Staff The Time To Really Focus On Clients

While metrics can help you get your foot in the door, your staff itself will be the ones who close the deals and garner repeat business. Many agencies fail to keep repeat business because of the perception of indifference. Getting results is important, but relationship-building and fostering customer loyalty is key. When a staffing agency is bogged down with busywork, like screening resumes, the emphasis on relationship-building with the client falls by the wayside.

However, programmatic software platforms that use AI technology to aid in every step of hiring can do the busywork for you. Programmatic software can optimize the entire process: more effective job ad placements, better candidate sourcing, efficient resume screening, and even interview scheduling. The efficiencies gained from AI-assisted software in the hiring process can help staffing agencies put an emphasis on marketing themselves to potential customers and on relationship-building. When your agency is both data-driven and people-driven, then you really have a winning strategy.

Provide The Detailed Data Clients Want To See

There are different types of customers who seek out the staffing agency, but they can all benefit from a data-driven strategy. For organizations that undertake high volume hiring, cost-per-hire is likely the most important metric to emphasize, as costs build up quickly when hiring in bulk.

Pandologic’s PandoIQ is a programmatic platform that can maximize ROI for job ad campaigns and communicate the efficiency to clients by providing up-to-the-minute job ad campaign performance information. For a client with a  specialized or “hard to fill” position, it’s important you have the best sourcing strategy for a particular job type so you are able to find the vital/special/skilled candidate. Oftentimes this is someone who has technical skills or specialized knowledge important to an organization, so the most important metric (though time and money are always important) is emphasizing quality of hire. Pandologic’s suite of predictive algorithms can help find the best candidate more quickly.

Lastly, the staffing agency might assist organizations with contingent staffing or with regular staffing needs. This is probably the best way a data-driven strategy can help: it gets results more quickly. Building trust with clients who have regular staffing needs will happen when you can deliver results.

Establish And Maintain Lasting Client Relationships

But the data doesn’t just help you find the best candidates for your clients’ various staffing needs; it also helps you communicate in the clearest way possible. Providing metrics on the hiring process and updating clients with real-time information goes hand in hand with nurturing the relationship that will ultimately help you keep their business. Keeping the lines of communication open, updating customers on their open candidate searches, and seeking constant feedback can go far in fostering loyalty.

Because programmatic can help staffing agencies find their customers better quality candidates, faster, it’s important to keep metrics—not only on individual job campaigns but also on the staffing agency’s overall effectiveness. If you have data that shows your staffing agency is more efficient than the rest, you will close more deals, foster repeat business, and differentiate you from the rest.

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