3 Strategies to Supercharge Your In-House Recruitment

While going through an agency is an effective way to hire, nothing beats effective in-house recruitment. In-house recruiters know your company inside and out. A good recruitment team can transform the face of your company into a marketable, diverse landscape. The employees they hire, stick around for the long haul.

For an internal recruitment strategy to succeed, innovation is a must. In this piece, we’ll be going over a few ways you can separate yourself from the competition—and consistently acquire top talent.

Take Advantage of Social Media

As the younger generations become the majority in the workforce, investing in a social media account has become a must for in-house recruitment. Connecting with budding careers has never been easier, but once again, there’s a lot of competition. A bland or empty social media account is an instant turn-off; make an impact immediately to capture attention. 
Modern, sleek, colorful design and a recruitment video readily available are a fantastic start. Recruitment videos in particular are made to draw interested parties into your company culture, so invest in quality production to give your page the oomph it needs to stand out.

Hire for Company Add

In order to find candidates that fit in with their established worker base, employers will often prioritize company fit. Over the last few years the flaw behind this mindset has caused most recruiters to swap over to hiring for Company Add. Company Add is the idea that you should be recruiting based on what you lack/need rather than to satisfy a norm.

Hiring for Company Add requires an open mind and an emphasis on hiring diverse talent. The result of hiring for Company Add is a team that is valued based on what makes them unique. Your external talent pool will benefit as well. A more diverse workforce attracts young talent, and an empathetic leadership that understands their individuality will increase retention.

Utilize AI Software Tools

For organizations large and small, the use of technology to support in-house recruitment strategies has become a requirement in order to hire effectively. This is due to a widening talent gap that has recruiters from multiple industries scrambling to find talent. Reaching as many job seekers as possible to find top talent is the new norm.

According to Anil Dharni, CEO of Sense, “You have to have an automated technology platform to effectively reach five times or even ten times more candidates. Then there’s the situation where there is an abundance of candidates for a position and now companies are tasked with looking for the needle in the haystack. With automated technology, companies can more efficiently and more quickly qualify the best candidates for the available positions.” 

Fortunately, to meet this need there are automation options to boost nearly every part of your recruitment plan. AI software in particular has shot up in popularity due to its flexibility, and self-learning capabilities. Here are a few of the most often used AI software options:


Currently, the most popular AI software type, chatbots are built for communication. They dispense information with nearly-human conversational capabilities and help to ensure that candidates and applicants know everything they need to succeed.

Job Ad Software

Ad placement software determines the best job aggregators for your listing, based on the groups you want to target. These aggregates, like our own PandoExchange, contain countless specialized sites browsed by top talent daily.

Resume Screening Tools

AI screening software has the dual benefit of greatly increasing screening efficiency while removing human bias from the screening process.

Finding the right way to implement artificial intelligence into your recruitment plan can be the deciding factor that optimizes your plan’s cost efficiency and works with your bandwidth. PandoLogic’s toolbox has the most often utilized programs for every stage of the recruitment process while allowing you to stay well within your budget. 

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