Overcoming Recruitment Challenges With Talent Acquisition Software

Talent acquisition in the midst of lockdown was tough — and it hasn’t gotten much easier. Job seekers are everywhere, but that can make it hard to find the candidate your organization needs. Depending on the position, it could be difficult to find anyone in the market at all. Relying on old-school talent acquisition methods in this new, remote work environment can often cripple your chances of hiring the right candidate. Fortunately, talent acquisition software can alleviate a lot of the stress of hiring — and bring your org into the future of talent acquisition.

Remove Human Bias With AI Technology

Getting around human hiring bias during the talent acquisition process can be a serious hamper to the overall success of your hiring plan. No one views the world completely objectively, which can easily lead to fantastic and qualified applicants being put to the side. So, logically, removing human employees from certain stages of the hiring process is the answer. 

Talent acquisition software can completely remove human bias by looking at only the aspects that you want it to. Age, race, gender, and other unrelated factors no longer hold any sway over whether or not the talent makes it to the next stage of recruitment. This makes talent acquisition software the optimal way to screen candidates. During the pre-interview portion of recruitment, AI recruitment software can screen an applicant’s resume, responses to questionnaires, and social media profile to determine if they check all of the right boxes.

Engage Potential Employees More Effectively

When it comes to answering a candidate’s questions about your organization, nothing beats talent acquisition software. Objective information is much more easily dispensed by a machine than a person, but AI talent acquisition software goes further than just spitting out answers. Artificial intelligence chatbots, such as our own Wade & Wendy, are able to learn from the inputs they’re given through interaction with the talent. 

When implemented correctly, AI chatbots don’t come off as cold and unfeeling machines — they type just like a person! Speaking to an engaging voice is more important than ever post-lockdown. This talent acquisition software’s human appearance will prevent potential employees from becoming disillusioned during the preliminary portion of the hiring process. Talent acquisition software also removes the chance for human error when conveying company policy or other information to applicants. This friendly, on-the-dot assistance can go a long way to alleviating your hiring blues.

Expand Your Job Ad’s Reach

Choosing which job boards to place your advertisements on significantly affects recruitment turnaround time. If too few sites are selected, you might not find the talent you need in time. However, simply increasing the number of boards your job is on can have consequences as well. Using talent acquisition software to automatically place your job ads automatically is efficient — both in terms of time spent and in regards to your budget. Here are just a few of the ways you can use talent acquisition software to boost your outreach:

  • Diversify your candidate pool by having your software prioritize sites that advertise to a specific demographic.
  • Increase the number of sites you place your advertisement on, while mitigating the effects on your budget.
  • Provide suggestions to further your posts’ SEO structure, which will help you connect with more applicants over time.

As we enter an era where remote work is pushed more so than ever before, the recruitment scene continues to change drastically. Having talent acquisition software work beside your team can create a synergy that benefits the organization’s hiring efficiency — and get the talent that you need.

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