How to Hire Great Staff for Your QSR Franchise

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Franchising refers to a business model in which a company allows other individuals or businesses to use their brand name, products, and services, in exchange for a fee or a percentage of sales.

What Makes Hiring for a QSR Franchise Different?

When hiring for a QSR, there are a number of factors that set it apart from hiring for other businesses:

  • Fast-paced environment: because of the number of customers and how busy the franchises are, this requires employees to work quickly, efficiently, and under pressure.
  • High turnover rate: as a result, employers may need to hire frequently and quickly to keep their staff levels up.
  • Employees need to work flexible hours: this includes nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • The focus is on personality traits and soft skills
  • Greater emphasis is placed on hiring individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about customer service, food safety, and food preparation.

Best Practices for Defining the QSR Positions You Need to Fill

The best practices for hiring at a quick service restaurant (QSR) are different from hiring at another type of business because of the unique challenges and demands of the industry. Here are some tips for hiring at a QSR:

  • Look for candidates with experience in the industry. This is especially important for positions such as cooks, servers, and cashiers, where experience is necessary to be successful.
  • Use a structured interview process. Because QSRs are typically high-volume businesses, it’s important to have a structured interview process in place to ensure that all candidates are evaluated in a consistent and fair manner.
  • Conduct background checks. Because QSRs are open to the public and typically have a high volume of customers, it’s important to conduct background checks on all potential employees to ensure that they are qualified and trustworthy.
  • Train employees thoroughly. Because QSRs are high-volume businesses, it’s important to thoroughly train employees on the job duties, customer service expectations, and safety procedures.
  • Offer competitive wages and benefits. To attract and retain top talent, it’s important to offer competitive wages and benefits to employees. This will help to ensure that employees feel valued and motivated to perform their best.

How to Promote Your QSR Franchise Job Openings

To promote your QSR franchise job openings, you can utilize a variety of methods:

  • Utilize social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, to post job listings and reach out to potential candidates.
  • Participate in job fairs and recruiting events in your local area.
  • Offer employee referral bonuses for recommending friends or family members for job openings.
  • Use an AI-enabled programmatic job advertising tool

How AI Recruitment Tools Can Benefit Your QSR Franchise

AI recruitment tools offer numerous benefits to your QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) franchise, including:

  • Streamlines the hiring process: AI-powered recruitment tools automate repetitive tasks such as resume screening and candidate ranking. This speeds up the hiring process.
  • Reduces human bias: AI algorithms analyze candidate data objectively without being influenced by personal biases or stereotypes, ensuring that the most suitable candidates are considered for the available positions.
  • Improves candidate experience: AI recruitment tools can offer personalized and instant feedback to candidates, as well as tailor the application process to their preferences, leading to a more positive candidate experience.
  • Expands your talent pool: AI tools can quickly and effectively search for potential candidates on various local and international platforms, widening the talent pool and helping you find the best employees for your franchise.
  • Cost savings: By automating various tasks in the recruitment process and finding suitable candidates quickly, AI recruitment tools can help your QSR franchise save time and reduce costs associated with recruitment efforts.
  • Ensures compliance: AI recruitment tools can help ensure the QSR franchise is compliant with various employment regulations by automatically detecting and eliminating any job listings or recruitment practices that may be discriminatory or otherwise unlawful.

The best practices for hiring at a quick service restaurant (QSR) are different from hiring at another type of business because of the unique challenges and demands of the industry. When hiring at a QSR, it’s important to follow the​​ best practices for hiring and utilize AI recruiting tools to help you hire the best employees. You can do that by using PandoLogic, the leading programmatic job advertising and vendor management platform used in job recruiting.

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