How AI Enhances Sourcing Tools For Recruiters

A large talent pool can be a good and a bad thing for recruiters. It can mean that you have your pick of candidates—but it can also mean that you have to spend time wading through unqualified candidates before you find the ones with the skills and experience you need. Which is why recruiters are turning more and more toward technology to help them effectively and efficiently source candidates. And as technology gets better, sourcing gets smarter. Keep reading to learn about factors to consider when sourcing candidates and how modern technology like automated intelligence (AI) is transforming sourcing tools for recruiters.

Factors To Consider For Effective Sourcing

Sourcing seems simple enough—find the candidates who meet the set of criteria you have for your open role(s) or who might be good for future roles. But as with most processes in recruitment, there are several factors to consider—from requirements to the sourcing tools you use. Remember to keep these factors in mind: 

  • What requirements are necessary vs. nice-to-have. It’s crucial to consider this factor for each open role you have because it affects your pre-screening process and, potentially, where you’ll search for candidates. If prior full-time experience is a must you won’t source candidates from a college job fair. But if you are open to internships that amount to the same level of experience, you might.
  • What roles you anticipate opening in the future. Sourcing is not just about finding candidates for the jobs you have open—it’s about finding candidates for the jobs that may and will open in the future. Keep this in mind when you’re reviewing candidates, and consider a robust applicant tracking system (ATS) so you can manage those who might not be a fit for now, but who you want to keep in mind for later down the line.
  • What sourcing tools you should use. It seems like there’s a software solution for every job nowadays, and recruiting is no different. There is no shortage of sourcing tools for recruiters, but how do you know which is the right one for you? At the very least, ensure that you’re using the latest modern technology, like AI.

AI Sourcing Tools For Recruiters

While there might be a lot of factors you should weigh and keep in mind for sourcing, the good news is that there are also a lot of options for sourcing tools to help you in your process. That way you can find the one that suits your needs and budget. And there’s a reason that smart recruiters are turning to AI-powered recruiting solutions: AI is more efficient than a human would be in making decisions and can weigh and analyze data faster and more powerfully than an individual recruiter would be able to. 

Below are a few sourcing tools for recruiters that use the power of AI to find you the best candidates. 

  • Fetcher: Once Fetcher uses AI to find candidates for you, the software uses machine learning to initiate a conversation either via text or email. 
  • Hiretual: Hiretual uses AI to aggregate talent data from across the web. This software integrates with ATSs, so you can easily manage the candidates you source.
  • PandoLogic: PandoLogic uses proprietary, AI-enabled algorithms to plan and optimize your ideal job advertising campaign. Using historical data points, PandoLogic’s programmatic recruiting software (pandoIQ) can get your job in front of all the right candidates—saving you time and effort.  
  • Robin: Robin’s three-step approach—analyze job description, scour the web, and deliver talent pool—simplifies the sourcing process. You can download your results or connect Robin to a compatible ATS.

As you can see, AI software has greatly improved the talent acquisition process for recruiters. And with a variety of tools to choose from at different price points, you can find the perfect tool to help you find the perfect candidate.

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