How Staffing Agencies Can Build A Stronger Client Network

As a hiring and staffing professional, you’re well aware that your results are your bottom line—your success depends on your ability to effectively place the right individuals with the right employment opportunities. But are you doing absolutely everything you can to ensure that you’re getting the best results? If you’re unsure, or just want to improve results for your current clientele and build a better client network, then keep reading.

The truth is, in today’s cutthroat job climate, clients demand nothing less than top-notch results when and where they need it, and for good reason—across industries, companies face challenges and competition from an increasing range, including lean and hungry start-ups, giant international corporate Goliaths, and everything in between. They need their teams stocked with the very best available talent in order to break free from the noise and lead the pack. If you’re looking to help your clients achieve this goal to the very best of your ability, here are some rules to follow.

Focus On Depth And Specificity

When it comes to staffing, stop trying to be all things to all people—it’s a recipe for disaster, or at the very least, half-baked results. Instead, try honing your expertise in a specific area or field and do whatever it takes to become the go-to resource for sourcing talent in that targeted spot. Generalists may achieve results, but it’s rarely wise to cast too wide a net—chances are you’ll only wind up spreading your time, energy, and resources too thin. A focused approach will help you achieve and maintain a deep pipeline of talent-rich candidates for your clients current and future staffing needs.

Hopefully, we don’t have to mention that your success depends on your ability to not only meet the immediate needs of your clients, but also to anticipate their ongoing and future needs as well and to have staffing solutions at the ready for all scenarios and situations. Maintaining specificity and achieving depth is a triple-win situation—for your clients, for those seeking employment, and for you.

Develop A Better Relationship

Sure, you can probably do your job reasonably well by just taking in job orders via email or following half-canned lists of qualifications for the positions you’re seeking to fill, but if this is your approach, then why should clients stick with you and not one of the other staffing agencies? Good question.

Be the one who goes the extra mile and takes the time to build a better relationship with your clients. Get to know them, their business, and their needs beyond a surface level—trust us, it’ll be worth the investment. Regular check-ins, face-to-face interactions, and on-site visits will not only go a long way to demonstrating your value to your clients, but it’ll also help you do your job better. Where’s the downside in that?

Seek Out New Tools And Tech

You don’t need us to tell you that the rules and tools of the job searching and staffing game have changed in recent years, so make sure you’re staying ahead of industry trends and utilizing the most cutting-edge and effective tools available to help you do your job well. This includes everything from automating menial tasks to help you focus your time on what matters, to using sophisticated candidate screening and matching tools and analytics to measure and quantify results and address your strengths and weaknesses accordingly. The tools that are right for you are highly dependent on the unique characteristics of your staffing agency and needs, but they are out there and they’re constantly evolving—it’s worth your time to do your homework and find the right tools for you.

As a staffing professional, you should recognize that there are always opportunities to improve your effectiveness and achieve better results for your clients. If you’re eager to do so, consider using the strategies and advice presented here to help take things to the next level.

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