Supplementing Your Talent Strategy with Automation

Despite unprecedented levels of volatility in today’s work world, the primary goal of companies across all sectors remains clear: navigate through the uncertainty, deploy a business strategy that accounts for key impact variables affecting their industry, and leverage available resources in an effort to hit target revenue milestones.

Achieving these goals is easier said than done in today’s murky and rapidly fluctuating economic climate. But regardless of the current state of the world, talent leaders are always at the vanguard of any businesses goal attainment strategy. In order for your business to thrive even at the best of times, as a talent acquisition professional it’s absolutely mission critical that you continuously attract and engage with the best available talent in your industry, maintain a stable pipeline of high quality active and passive candidates for open positions across your core teams, and hire the right individuals to help your company meet its target performance metrics—today, over the short term, and into the future.   

Effective talent acquisition is an important contributor to your company’s success, especially in times of extreme volatility. It takes the right team to weather the storm, pivot through the noise, and lead the way forward towards successful results.  

The recruitment industry is currently at a real inflection point as a wave of new technology being ushered in continues to disrupt the status quo. Innovative AI technology, including programmatic recruitment tools, predictive algorithms, machine learning, and intelligent software is changing the way talent acquisition is done at every phase of the process—allowing for process automation throughout the pipeline. As an entrenched talent leader, you may be witnessing this evolution with some semblance of dread, wondering if this threatens to make you and your team obsolete. If this is your currently thinking, then think again—and keep reading!

The truth is, talent acquisition is more important to businesses right now than ever before. Forward-thinking companies who are committed to weathering the volatility and leading their industries into the future are investing heavily in high-quality recruitment, in an effort to find skilled employees who can do it all and allow them to embrace a cost-efficient mindset without affecting productivity. Other companies who utilized temporary hiring freezes, furlough strategies, or staff reductions to navigate the tumultuous months of 2020 are now transitioning back to previous staffing levels in an effort to steer their businesses toward a more positive future—and with record numbers of displaced workers back in the job market there’s an eager and talented pool of potential employees available.

This means that your skills and experience as a talent leader offer real value to your employer at present—and if you choose to take advantage of the new tools of effective modern recruitment rather than run away from them, you’ll be able to reach new levels of success. By automating routine time-consuming aspects of your talent strategy process you’ll also be able to focus on other tasks while meeting your recruitment needs with minimal time and effort.

Right now, technology in talent recruitment is not only helpful—it’s essential, as the pandemic compels businesses to keep their locus of control from brick-and-mortar headquarters to the digital cloud, and traditional in-person talent acquisition becomes less feasible. In today’s work world, digital tools are your best weapons for bridging distance, staying productive, and grabbing success from the mouth of uncertainty.

It’s no surprise that everyone from lean startups to giant global corporations are doubling down when it comes to expanding the role of automation in recruitment technology. Embracing this will help keep you from becoming obsolete, not the reverse. Simply put, technology is driving the industry forward and is making hiring and recruiting more efficient and effective than ever before—it’s up to you whether you’ll leverage AI software to your benefit or get left behind.

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