The Future of Hiring: How Recruiting Automation is Reshaping the Landscape

In today’s world of rapidly evolving applications for Artificial Intelligence, businesses of all sizes are recognizing the significance of harnessing AI to help increase their bottom line. Among the various strategies that can create efficiencies and save time and resources, robust recruitment automation practices stand out. By implementing effective automation solutions, businesses can efficiently address challenges, streamline their hiring processes, and identify the most qualified candidates for their open positions.

The Current State of Recruiting Automation

Creating a talent pool and subsequent pipeline can be just the start of a long tedious hiring process, one that many businesses don’t have time for. Delays when hiring for new roles or replacement positions result in loss of productivity, customer dissatisfaction, and missed growth opportunities.

The employment landscape poses many challenges for human resource teams and hiring managers. How can a business begin to automate recruitment, and where do they start? Keep reading to learn how PandoLogic can help.

Challenges of The Recruiting Process

The recruiting process is rigorous and demands a lot from those involved. There are many initiatives and deadlines to meet from the moment a position becomes open, starting with the job listings and where to place them.

When candidates submit their resumes, hiring managers must review them to narrow down the choices. Reading a full resume can be time-consuming, and once they are reviewed for consideration, they must be sorted and categorized. Contacting possible candidates, setting up interviews, and replying to everyone, whether or not they will be interviewed, can be a monumental task, not to mention the scheduling nightmare it can be to meet with everyone that may be a potential fit.

This used to be done manually, but with the help of recruitment automation possibilities, new people can be on board in less than half the time it used to take.

What Has Changed with Automation?

As AI gets more refined, hiring platforms need to keep up, and one option that checks all the boxes is PandoLogic. Their AI recruiting software allows you to stop wasting time on menial tasks and start focusing on your business. Artificial intelligence programs continue to improve their algorithms, providing a second set of eyes, doing things that humans used to have to do. Automation can now take over at a much earlier step in the process, from previewing resumes to scheduling interviews and even offering chatbots to engage candidates online.

Where Recruiters Are Still Struggling

Every day, finding and retaining qualified candidates is an increasingly competitive process. There are a lot of job seekers, but they have a plethora of potential companies seeking them out, so businesses need to find ways to rise above the masses. 

Another struggle is that even the most seasoned recruiters with the best of intentions can suffer from unconscious bias. AI doesn’t have that problem, and their emotions or stereotypes don’t sway their decision. This helps DEI-focused companies to meet their diversity hiring goals while building a more diverse team of people they may not have found otherwise.

What Parts of The Recruitment Process Should Be Automated?

A business can review their historical data to determine where they experience the most time spent during the hiring process. This won’t be the same for everyone, but it is a good place to start. Here are some other possibilities.

Tracking Applicants

The sheer amount of detail involved in collecting applications and resumes, maintaining a database containing contact information, keeping notes, and matching the best-suited candidate with the position can be overwhelming. This is a prime place to automate recruiting and let software do the job. The resume review options alone can be a game changer.

Interview Scheduling

Working with multiple schedules to set up interviews within a short period of time can be headache-inducing. AI can take that calendar nightmare off your plate and work with everyone involved to produce an interview schedule that works for everyone involved.

Creating and Placing Job Listings

Job listings need to be submitted to online websites, but first, they must be crafted to be inclusive, fully explanatory, transparent, and open to diversity.

Once the listings are ready, they need to be placed, but not on just the old standby sites. To reach a bigger pool of applicants, sometimes listings need to go on sites that you wouldn’t normally consider, and finding those places to reach the best target markets takes time.

The Impact of Recruitment Automation on Hiring Teams

Automating the recruitment process allows everyone on the team to work from the same playbook. Everyone has access to the same system and follows the same rules. By giving everyone a boost, hiring managers and human resource teams are more productive and happier in their roles, and employee satisfaction plays a big part in retention that starts from the top down.

Everyone Can Meet Their Deadlines

If everyone is using the same process to complete their hiring, they can all meet their internal deadlines without unfair delays. There are no bottlenecks, and everyone has the same advantages.

A More Diverse Candidate Selection

Automated recruiting platforms widen the talent pool, opening doors to candidates that may not have been considered before. This makes every team more diverse on many levels, with candidates coming from various locations and backgrounds that may have never been included before.

Budget Friendly

Unfilled roles cost a company money in many ways, not to mention overtime hours as employees burn out filling the gaps. Recruitment automation shortens the time from open position to the first day a new employee starts, reducing the risk of losing other good employees and hurting a company’s profitability.

Save Time

Not only will AI complete automated recruitment tasks with fewer errors and less bias, but it will do it faster. Artificial intelligence doesn’t get sick, it doesn’t have meetings and it doesn’t have a slow day. Using AI in your processes assures resolution faster than you can imagine.

Empower Your Human Resources Team

Let them do what they’re best at, dealing with employees, resolving problems, and using their skills to bring new people on board. Let AI handle the menial tasks and you’ll have a team who can focus on the bigger picture.

Interested in learning more about PandoLogic and their AI-powered recruitment software? Contact us today for a free demo. PandoLogic’s here to help you resolve your company’s recruitment challenges and grow your team with our DiversityIO software, removing bias and giving you the successful, balanced, and diverse team your company’s success needs and deserves.

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