The Pros of Using AI in the Recruiting Process

It’s no secret that we’re big believers in the power of AI when it comes to recruiting and hiring the best talent. If you have amazing, organization-changing powers at your disposal, why not use them to make your hiring decisions and processes smarter, better, and more efficient for all involved? Your resources are precious, and AI can help you target everything you have toward better results.

AI Boosts Effectiveness, Not Just Efficiency

The entire goal of recruiting is to find the right people, not just bodies to fill roles (after all, no one wants to be back at the start of the recruiting process in three months). One of the most effective uses of AI is its predictive abilities. The right AI platform can aggregate data, but it can also predict whether a candidate would meet certain indicators prioritized by your organization.

AI Automates The Hard Parts Of Recruiting

One of the biggest pain points in recruiting has always been the many necessary roadblocks throughout the process: reaching out to candidates, bringing candidates in, scheduling internal stakeholders for interviews, gathering internal feedback about candidates, etc. No organization will be able to eliminate the human oversight need completely, and there will always be room for good old-fashioned instinct and expertise. However, having an AI program that can send automated emails to applicants, schedule interviews, give tests, and so on, can reduce the pressure on your team, freeing them from rote administrative tasks.

AI Improves Organizational Decisionmaking

If your organization is like countless others, you’ve traditionally made your strategic decisions based on a combination of past performance and hoped-for outcomes. But given the, well, human element of Human Resources, there will always be a bit of guesswork involved. Data helps you refine that guesswork by putting it on top of a big slab of sophisticated analysis. Metrics are power in today’s data-driven society, and they give you actual numbers to rely on to make smart choices—both in who you hire and how you hire.

AI Can Give You Faster Results

Real-time feedback is kind of a holy grail in recruiting. So often, you’re left releasing ads or outreach to the world and don’t actually know until later how your efforts are faring. AI allows you to refine your strategies as the feedback comes in, pulling ads from sites that don’t meet certain engagement thresholds. That kind of flexibility helps maximize your budgets and resources with minimal time and energy spent. 

AI Turns Passive Candidates Into Active Applicants

Reaching passive candidates is one of the biggest challenges in recruiting. Cold calls, database searches, unanswered calls, and emails—those can all be improved by using AI to find these candidates for you. Real-time matching technology can cut down your search time, and it can also start keeping you a collection of data to help you refine your profile and expectations for a candidate. Predictive data about particular candidates helps you make smarter decisions about how (or whether) to move forward with outreach.

Social media, one of the prime areas for passive recruiting, is also helped by AI technology. Because targeting requires a solid amount of base data, the information you aggregate with your AI platform can find the right candidates at the right time.

AI Eliminates Human Biases

One of the most crucial goals of recruiting today is eliminating bias. Positive or negative, intentional or not, bias can exclude great potential candidates. It can also hurt your organization’s commitment to building a talented, diverse team. By standardizing and automating, AI lacks the social and cultural biases that humans tend to harbor. An AI platform tasked with reviewing resumes or cover letters can be set to do so blind to particular elements like names, location, school names, and other danger zones where bias can lurk.

There will always be a need for human discretion, review, and expertise in the recruiting process, but AI can certainly help make the process less grueling and more effective for your organization. It’s about recruiting smarter, not necessarily more, and the limitless data potential of AI software is one of the best ways to get there.

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