Top Job Boards to Boost Your Diversity Hiring

Having a robust, diverse workforce that represents the population is a major priority for organizations today. Companies know that inclusivity and diversity make any organization stronger—it helps them connect with customers, makes products better, and creates opportunity all around. And it’s not just ethnic or gender diversity, which are frequently what people think of when they think of “diversity.” True inclusivity also brings in people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, age groups, and other qualities that give people a range of life and professional perspectives. To bring in these new perspectives require a strategic diversity hiring plan.

One of the first steps toward improving your organization’s diversity is branching out from the status quo in your recruiting and job postings. If you post the same jobs in the same places, chances are you’ll keep seeing the same kinds of candidates. If you want to expand that horizon, you can start by looking for diversity-dedicated job boards that can help you find new pools of qualified candidates.

Diversity Working

Diversity Working is the largest online diversity job board, and a great place to get started. The site offers “community channels” for people from different backgrounds, with job postings that might be of relevance to people from these backgrounds.

Diversity Jobs

Billing itself as “Diversity at Work,” Diversity Jobs works with a large range of employers who are dedicated to diversity hiring. The site highlights top employers, as well as information on job fairs and other recruiting events.

Professional Diversity Network

The Professional Diversity Network partners with companies that want to improve their diversity hiring, providing recruitment solutions along with resources for job seekers.

African American Hires

African American Hires offers a job search with jobs posted by companies seeking culturally diverse hires, and a blog that features interviews, information for job seekers, and hiring trends.


One of the biggest social and political advocacy groups for Americans over 50, the AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) offers career information, a jobs board, and services for people who might be older than the usual job seeker.

JustJobs search engines

JustJobs offers a suite of individual search engines geared toward different age and cultural groups, as well as employer portals. Their job sites include: focuses on providing resources for veterans and those transitioning to civilian work. For employers, it offers a job board, plus guidance on hiring compliance.

Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heroes USA not only provides job search help to veterans themselves, but also to their families. Their job search engine has helped companies hire more than 43,000 veterans and spouses.

Hire Purpose

Created by veterans, for veterans, Hire Purpose connects employers with top talent in the veteran community. Users can post resumes and search jobs, and employers can post job openings.

Disability Solutions

For job seekers, Disability Solutions spotlights disability-friendly jobs. For employers, it partners with community organizations and features resources and guidance on how to make recruitment more inclusive for people with disabilities.

The Mom Project

The Mom Project is a digital talent marketplace and community that connects professional women with job and networking opportunities. The site partners with employers to share research and business insights for recruiting and hiring parents.

70 Million Jobs

People with criminal records face serious challenges in finding jobs. 70 Million Jobs seeks to remove some of the stigma around people who need a second chance due to a criminal past, and offers both resources for job seekers and information for companies about how and why to recruit from this pool of job seekers.

Recruit Disability

Differently-abled people often face barriers to being considered for jobs, due to physical or other limitations. Sponsored by the Sierra Group, Recruit Disability partners with employers to help connect job seekers with the right jobs.

Hire Autism

People with autism-spectrum disorders often face barriers in finding gainful employment, and the goal of Hire Autism is to help employers remove those barriers and make the hiring process more accessible to people on the spectrum.

Diversity hiring and inclusivity are a goal, but by including sites like these in your recruitment process you can make it a reality for your organization. A programmatic solution can help you do this automatically, by adding these sites to your lineup and give you the necessary data from each to fine-tune your diversity recruitment. Changing your digital strategy can help you get the results you want.

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