What Is Programmatic Recruiting and What Does It Mean For Your Company?

Trends in popular workplace technology come and go. But the technology that actually lives up to its claim and makes your job easier? Well, that tech is here to stay. And it’s why programmatic software has only become more popular over recent years. Keep reading to learn what “programmatic” means, the various jobs that this technology can help with—and how you can use it to take your recruiting to the next level. 

What Does Programmatic Mean?

There’s no doubt that we’re living during a technological boom. It wasn’t that long ago that the internet became available to mainstream audiences—via bulky and slow technology. And now, people can browse the internet on their phone—and do everything from buy concert tickets to apply for jobs on the go. As technology has continued to change and improve, new branches have emerged, including artificial intelligence and programmatic technologies. But what does programmatic mean? We will dive deeper into this question and teach you everything you need to know.

The simple definition of the word:

Programmatic: something according to a program or schedule. Broadly, programmatic technology is software that follows a set of pre-defined rules—or, going back to the root word, a program.  

Programmatic technology is perhaps most closely associated with the marketing and advertising industry. Where the process of buying advertisement placements used to be manual and time-consuming, this software can automate the process using algorithms and datasets. In recent years, as the recruiting industry has expanded to include aspects like recruitment marketing and job ad campaigns, programmatic software has become available specifically for recruiting. 

  1. Programmatic recruiting uses Artificial Intelligence to help automate a variety of recruitment tasks and steps throughout the job advertising campaign process.
  2. Depending on the programmatic recruitment software and its capabilities, these tasks may include listing jobs, dynamically allocating budget, targeting a specific campaign audience, and providing analytics.

On its own, programmatic can greatly help with alleviating inefficiencies and time-consuming manual processes. When this software also utilizes AI for recruitment, as pandoIQ does, your automated recruiting solutions software goes from good to great. PandoLogic’s programmatic job advertising platform makes 7,000 automated decisions per minute based on 100 Trillion data points to help you find the right candidates, at the right time, for the right price. That means that this recruitment software saves time by completing what would have been manual to-dos and also finds you better and more qualified candidates by using its historical data. Plus, by using AI software, pandoIQ is self-learning. 

At the end of the day? Programmatic recruitment software frees up time and brain space for recruiters and talent acquisition specialists. 

It’s true that trends come and go in the world of workplace technology—and even within recruitment technology. But there’s a reason that programmatic recruiting, particularly software that also takes advantage of AI, is only becoming more popular as time goes on.

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