3 Ways Social Distribution is Like GPS For Job Ads

Targeted social distribution takes the largest resource for job candidates and makes all of the background noise disappear. It’s like GPS for your job ads because it takes them to the right place in as few steps and with as little effort as possible.

One of the most difficult jobs in online recruitment is reaching the right candidates where they’re naturally inclined to spend time: social media. People who don’t use one of the two giants – Facebook and Twitter – are few and far between. So you know that they’re there, but the old needle in a haystack problem just gets bigger as social media grows.

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The vast expanse of the social platforms is one problem, but another is the fact that passive candidates might not log in to look for work at all. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t receptive to the idea. Social distribution reaches the right people, even when they’re not looking. Those passive candidates are the real gold mine anyway, since top talent is rarely unemployed.

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to make social recruiting work or you want to streamline your campaigns, here are three reasons to think about weaving social distribution into your recruiting repertoire.

#1: You Tell Social Distribution Where to Go and it Finds the Way

With social distribution, you don’t have to think about where you’re going. You only have to know the destination. Just like planning a well-earned vacation, you plug in the details about where you want your job ads to go, and social distribution figures out the best route to get there.

You don’t need to know which people you want to find. For example, you probably don’t have on hand the name of the best job candidate using Facebook today. But you do know which qualities that candidate has. That’s your destination.

It’s not unlike telling your Garmin to find a hotel. Chances are, you don’t know which hotels are in your area if you’re three states away from home. But that doesn’t matter. Once your GPS knows what you want, it will find it. And once your social distribution tool knows the qualities that you need in a job candidate, it finds the best-suited people based on the data that’s available for them.

#2: Its Path is Cleaner and More Concise Than Going it Alone

You could find the same job candidates without any help. And you could find your way across the country without assistance, too. People took vacations long before the advent of GPS. And recruiters found job candidates before social media and social distribution. But the tools that are available today make everything easier with better results than if you planned out the course without any assistance.

What these recruiting solutions offer is a more concise method that brings you better results. Imagine if you paid Facebook for an advertising boost. Your job ad would pop into the newsfeed of people who might never have heard of your company before. But how many completely irrelevant ads do you see when you use social media? Lots of them, probably.

Social distribution doesn’t just boost your ads but also targets them to the appropriate audience. That way, more people with the qualifications that you need will see the ad. That’s because it analyzes available information about Facebook and Twitter users. A tech-related job ad won’t hit the news feed of a nurse practitioner, where the ad buy would be wasted. It will, however, home in on people whose education and job experience aligns with what you need.

You never know when or where that perfect candidate might check social media.

#3: Social Distribution Works Like GPS for Job Candidates, Too

Social distribution doesn’t just help you find candidates. It helps candidates navigate toward you, too. It’s a reciprocal benefit. And it makes connecting simple. Almost effortless, really. Users can even set up alerts to notify them when a new job is posted.

It begins with job ad distribution to thousands of Twitter channels and the Facebook marketplace. So when candidates search Twitter and Facebook, your ads will be there. But ads also land directly in the streaming news feed of compatible users on both platforms, and they’re active, not static.

Dynamic hashtags, such as the industry and job title, make your job ads searchable. So active candidates can find their way to you. And each ad also redirects to your site where candidates can read the job ad in full. The 140 character limit on Twitter doesn’t matter, not when the framework of the ad is visible and candidates can easily scan it and then click through to your job site. It’s as easy as picking one restaurant over another from the GPS list and then navigating to it.

Social media has millions upon millions of regular, devoted users. And your ideal candidates are bound to be among them. They chat with friends, talk about work and share information every day. But just like Big Data, sometimes too much information is too much to process. It doesn’t matter if the needle really is in the haystack. If you can’t find it, there’s no point in wasting time.

Social distribution helps you eliminate everything that doesn’t move your job ad campaigns along the correct route. It skips over all of the side roads, wrong exit ramps, dank and dusty motels, and terrible restaurants on the way. And it sends your ads on a journey that takes less time and ends right where you wanted to go all along.

RealMatch Social Boost helps your job ads hit the right networks and find the right destinations like a state-of-the-art GPS system for your car. Want to learn more about it and other social recruiting tools?

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