3 Bulk Hiring Tools to Improve High Volume Hiring

As the holidays draw closer, many organizations are rushing to bulk hire—and are hitting hurdles. Post-pandemic hiring is a delicate process, and if you’re not going about sourcing the right way, your results will be mixed at best. Taking advantage of bulk-hiring tools designed to make hiring faster and more efficient will save your organization money in the long run. Here are three bulk hiring tools that will have your HR team hitting their goals for the holiday season.

Resume Screening Software

When sourcing as many candidates as possible, it’s more than likely that your HR department will be inundated with applications. Of course, not all of these applications will come from qualified candidates. Resume screening software scans each resume, determining if the applicant has the qualities your organization needs—a crucial step in hiring the right candidate. Screening software has the added benefit of removing human bias from the equation. Characteristics like age, race, gender and other irrelevant data will be ignored by the algorithm. 

For those without the correct bulk hiring tools, hours upon hours of labor will be used sifting through these applications and narrowing down the applicant pool. Departments with resume screening software will be using the extra available employees to get ahead of the curve and focus on necessarily human tasks. 

Incorporate Video Interviewing

A majority of bulk hiring tools focus on saving time prior to the first interview, as the related tasks are easier to automate—and the recruiting pipeline can be most heavily optimized. With smaller hiring goals these tools might be enough, but when thousands of new workers are to be brought in, making the interviews as time-efficient as possible is the key to a budget-friendly hiring plan. 

Video interviews save an increasing number of resources the larger a candidate pool is and allow the process to become automated while maintaining quality of hire. AI recruitment software can conduct a video interview on its own, asking the candidate questions, and shifting the interview’s focus depending on the answers it receives. Video interview software can even analyze applicants’ verbal and non-verbal cues, allowing it to assess a candidate’s viability on a deeper than surface level.

Correctly utilizing video interview software can minimize human bias, get you qualified applicants in a fraction of the time, and complete the automation of nearly all of the early stages of the recruitment process. Your team can take the extra time to focus on essentially human tasks, and further optimize your hiring process.

PandoLogic’s AI Recruitment Toolbox

Finding a single solution to tackle the challenges of mass recruitment is impossible—which is why it’s better to have a toolbox at your disposal. PandoLogic’s AI software covers a range of different tasks, saving your organization time and resources over the course of the hiring process. Our bulk hiring tools include:

  • Wade & Wendy
    • A conversational AI chatbot and software system, Wade & Wendy can take over much of the pre-interview process. It can distribute information about both your organization and the job to potential employees, and can adapt its responses based on the applicant’s inputs. This feature frees up those at HR who would be answering the talent’s questions via the phone, allowing them to use their time on necessarily human tasks. Wade & Wendy can also help you build your talent pipeline, screen chats, as well as send personalized emails to applicants when necessary.
  • PandoExchange
    • PandoExchange is less of a singular tool and more of a system that increases your ads’ outreach, while improving your sourcing. Getting PandoExchange gives you access to a network of sites exclusive to PandoLogic users, allowing you to drive traffic to your ads and increase your overall outreach efficiently.
  • pandoIQ
    • Out of all of our bulk hiring tools, pandoIQ focuses most heavily on job ad placement. From using artificial intelligence software to build an ad campaign to automating your ad placement — even aiding in budget allocation, pandoIQ can optimize your ads quickly and efficiently. 

All of these bulk hiring tools and more are available with PandoLogic. If you need to hire fast for the holidays, visit our site to get a free demo and see what the future of recruitment technology looks like. Your HR department will thank you.

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