5 Reasons Why Technology Drives Success in Staffing

As someone intimately familiar with the hiring process, you know the needs and challenges of filling your organization’s open positions. You also know that it’s all about relationships—and that those can’t easily be replaced by an algorithm or an AI bot. But having the right tech platform can help you maximize your hiring and spend more time and resources on other organizational priorities. Let’s look at 5 reasons why technology in staffing is key to find hiring success.

1. Tech Creates Efficiency

Your team’s time and resources are finite. Spending time on things like job ad placement, rote candidate outreach, scheduling, and pre-interview preparations can feel like a time suck. The more you automate these tasks, the more it frees up your valuable human resources to do more qualitative work, like decision-making and evaluating candidates.

Applicant tracking programs, in particular, can revolutionize your workflow. Pre-screening, categorizing, and metrics are all available at the touch of a button. No more piles of resumes to sort through when you use technology in staffing!

2. Tech Improves Your ROI

So much of staffing can feel like guesswork. Which advertisements are really resonating with potential candidates? How are you doing at reaching passive candidates? What staffing and recruiting avenues are producing results, and which ones aren’t? When it comes to the financial and strategic parts of staffing, you want not only concrete numbers but also the ability to change course when things aren’t working.

Having real-time insight into your success in different avenues (like social media or job engines) can help you funnel your resources into the places where you’re seeing results—and away from the less successful areas.

3. Tech Helps You Measure Your Success

One of the best things that tech (including AI software platforms, social media apps, and application tracking software) can do is provide you with massive amounts of data. Who’s interacting with your ads? Who’s coming in from each posting site? How many candidates are you getting that meet particular criteria? With digital automation, you can have that information wrangled into meaningful metrics and reports that you can use to evaluate how you’re doing—and what you want to do next.

Some AI platforms can also make predictions about candidates or campaigns based on the data taken in, making strategic planning and budgeting a more comprehensive process.

4. Tech Helps You Futureproof

Embracing today’s tech improves your organization’s life now, but it also makes you more able to adapt in the future. Sure, today’s hot programs may not be The Thing in five years, but it gives you a base upon which to upgrade and modify as your needs change in the future. Taking the time and resources to invest in a tech platform now may seem like a huge task, but it means you’re making an investment in your organization’s future staffing and recruitment. This is the real pull of implementing technology in staffing.

5. Tech Improves Your Marketing Capabilities

Staffing pre-social media and staffing post-social media are two very different creatures. Social media apps have revolutionized the way people find job opportunities, create networks, and search for new hires. And social media is hardly the only part of staffing that has been enhanced by the digital revolution—site and engagement metrics give you more insight into who’s seeing and interacting with your content than ever.

With that comes the ability to make smarter decisions about reaching particular types of candidates, with particular backgrounds or qualifications. Data-driven strategies, paired with the technology to act on them quickly, will improve your reach in real-time.

Although tech can seem cold or impersonal on paper, and maybe even a threat to the relationships at the heart of human resources, the reality is that it’s a tool to be harnessed and used to make your work better and more efficient. Use it wisely, and use it often—the results will speak for themselves.

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