Picking The Right AI Recruitment Technology For You

If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your HR team and boost this year’s effective performance metrics, you’ll need to address the potential pain points that may be adversely affecting your organization’s ability to operate at its peak potential. Then, once you get a handle on your needs, your goal should be to find processes to help your department and staff exceed goal expectations for sourcing the best available talent. A key aspect of your current focus may be strategies for leveraging current AI recruiting technology.

But determining the right recruitment technology to meet your needs can be like trying to jump on a moving train while blindfolded-technology is evolving at breakneck speed and sorting through the blizzard of available choices and options can be dizzying, especially when you’re busy running an entire department.

How can you make the right choices? First things first-identify your organization’s key pain points. As your company’s main decision maker, you likely face the following challenges:

  • Getting an aggregate view of performance and cost for all jobs
  • Measuring ROI
  • Uniting disparate communication systems across teams, which creates chaos and added stress that trickles down throughout your organization
  • Staying current on technology and recruitment trends, regulations, and best practices
  • Establishing, analyzing, and measuring HR department KPIs
  • Juggling competing demands from various departments

Do these pain points plague your organization? If so, then consider utilizing the following tools to help offset their effects and empower your HR team to achieve their performance goals.

Do you have difficulty measuring ROI and performance?

Predictive data and real-time reporting can help you access data transparency at your fingertips. With this, you will be able to measure ROI across all your spend, identify which jobs require alternative sourcing strategies early on, and set better expectations with hiring managers and internal departments.

Does candidate screening deplete your resources?

HR departments across industries are embracing AI screening tools to help refine their efforts and solve a major pain point for recruitment professionals: not having enough time to handle the volume of candidates they typically face for open positions. Rather than leaving your team mired in an unending wave of resumes and cover letters, cutting-edge screening technology can help handle this task by learning your unique requirements for each position and screening and grading candidates based on your criteria. The net result? You can process incoming candidates cheaper and faster than ever before, and free up staff time to explore and deploy new and more effective sourcing strategies-a win-win for you and your organization.

Do your interviews not yield the best -qualified candidates?

Although a relatively new and emerging recruitment technology, AI interview screening tools empower you with the capability to review a candidate’s interviewing efforts like never before-everything from word choices to body language and posture can be analyzed and tracked. It can provide a clear benefit to your organization-helping meet and exceed KPIs and recruitment expectations and ensuring that your company has the best available talent on its teams.

Do you tend to lose candidates throughout the hiring process?

Another emerging technology that’s been gaining attention as of late are recruitment sourcing chatbots. This helpful recruitment technology helps you stay connected and maintain contact with candidates throughout the recruitment process, addressing their questions and providing them with targeted feedback and updates as they make their way through the HR process. This AI perk can not only reduce time to hire, but also increase the number of candidates who apply for open positions. It’s the added support your team needs to enhance recruitment engagement and give your staff more time to pursue proactive sourcing strategies.

Do you lose track of applications who you once passed over?

Why only look forward when seeking to fill an open position when you can also look backward? Candidate rediscovery AI tools allow you to take a second look at previous candidates who may be ideal for new openings, adding extra depth to your candidate pool. all information is stored and ready to go, then analyzed as new positions open up.

Are you looking to diversify your team?

You can enhance your workplace diversity, reduce human bias from your hiring process, and help ensure that you’re pursuing the best candidates available by using AI software that identify and remove candidate demographics that don’t impact potential performance (race, gender, age, etc.).

Once you identify the main pain points keeping your team from maximizing its recruitment efforts, you can then consider leveraging whichever of these AI tools can help your department hit its performance targets and ensure that you’re sourcing the best possible talent for your organization.

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