How Effective is AI Resume Screening?

The recruiting environment of today is fast-paced and hostile. Talent is harder to come by, and candidates are asking more of their employers than ever before. As the balance between worker and employer shifts, it’s important to make use of hiring tools to bridge the gap between your organizations and other talent seekers. 

AI recruitment software has been continually growing in popularity for years. It’s estimated that 83% of America’s firms make use of AI software — and it’s easy to see why. The software’s ability to learn gives it a kind of flexibility that is extremely attractive in today’s ever-shifting industry. 

Today we’re going to be discussing AI resume screening software, and weigh the pros and cons to determine if and when it should be added to your organization’s recruitment plan.

What is AI Resume Screening Software?

As the name suggests, AI resume screening software automates the resume screening process. By tapping into your resume database and working with your input on what constitutes a good candidate, AI screening software can start screening. It can shortlist qualified candidates, eliminate those without the proper qualifications, and collects data on the decisions it makes.

The Benefits

As with any form of automation, AI resume screening is noticeably quicker than manual screening. A seasoned HR employee can scan one resume every seven seconds, while AI resume screening software can scan multiple resumes in that time. When mass hiring this can turn a multi-week project into a few days of simple program maintenance — saving your organization time and resources. 

Automating the screening process doesn’t only save your organization time — it saves your HR team time as well. Without the tedious task of screening on their hands, HR can focus on necessarily human tasks. This in turn has the benefit of improving employee satisfaction, as people tend to appreciate when their acquired skills are put to good use. 

Furthermore, AI resume screening has the benefit of eliminating human bias from the equation. It can’t take irrelevant factors like age, race, gender, or religion into account when selecting resumes. In this way, AI software works towards improving your talent pool’s diversity and inclusion as well.   

Potential Concerns

Whenever you automate a process, there’s always the chance that the automation functions imperfectly. False results, be they negative or positive, can have a serious impact on your recruitment process. Misreading and mislabeling candidates’ resumes due to fonts or formatting can cause you to lose fantastic candidates, while false positives can cause you to waste resources on candidates that aren’t qualified. 

Fortunately, these concerns can be mitigated with preparation. Choosing the right AI screening software, as well as regular data checks can prevent problems from persisting. 

Another potential concern is that your hiring plan contains a small candidate pool, or the job you’re hiring for requires extensive experience and expertise. With a smaller list of candidates, you might not require a resume screening tool to get the job done efficiently. Make sure to balance the cost of AI resume screening software with the scope of your hiring needs. Hiring for high-level positions, you’re going to encounter similar issues due to a smaller talent pool. HR teams should oversee the hiring of top-level employees personally due to the importance of the position. 

Is AI Resume Screening Right For You?

While not for every recruitment scenario, if monitored properly AI resume screening software is a piece of technology that many find they can’t work without. If your team is strained on time, or you plan on taking on a large number of resumes, AI resume screening software is a great way to save time and resources — while preserving quality of hire. Its flexible programming allows it to change tasks while still accurately identifying the best candidates for the job, and should be a staple tool for any company planning on hiring a large number of employees.

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