How AI Recruitment Software Can Increase Employee Retention

Getting new employees in the door is great—keeping them at your organization is even better. So though recruitment and retention are two different components of a company’s People team, they aren’t separate. In fact, recruitment and retention strategies go hand in hand. 

Why Is A Strong Retention Strategy Important?

If you’ve never had trouble filling a role, you may wonder how important retention really is. But is your recruitment strategy strong if new hires are continuing to leave? Not only is hiring for an open role expensive, but it’s also often taxing for the other members of the team. Depending on the need, an open role could mean other employees taking on more responsibility. This could mean an unsustainable workload, which in turn might lead to even more turnover. It’s not a cycle you want to get stuck in. That’s why it’s important for both sides of your recruitment and retention strategies to be strong.

So, what can modern recruiters do to increase retention? Use the new technology at their disposal—like AI recruiting software. 

What Is AI Recruitment Software?

Before we get into the specifics of how AI-driven software like PandoLogic can help with your recruitment and retention strategies, let’s take a quick overview of what the software actually is. AI stands for artificial intelligence, which is a type of technology where machines are trained and able to make human-like decisions. So what does this mean for recruitment and retention? 

Efficient Recruitment, Better Retention

When it comes to recruitment, you want an efficient strategy. It’s important to remember that “efficient” doesn’t just mean fast—as mentioned earlier, fast is not actually good if it leads to high turnover. Where AI software can help is both in time and quality—meaning you’ll have a recruitment strategy that is both time- and money-efficient. 

High-quality candidate sourcing is particularly important when it comes to retention. The right hire is less likely to leave. You’ll want to use AI recruitment software that knows how to get your job listing in front of the right candidates. PandoLogic’s recruitment software can help you improve retention by helping you find the right fit to begin with. PandoLogic uses proprietary algorithms to help classify and target your job ad campaign. Plus, as the software gets more data, it gets smarter. Our software can analyze which job boards perform better for which job listings. This means that your recruitment strategy and job ad placement are based on data—not just guesswork. 

With the help of AI recruitment solutions, the cycle gets simpler: recruit the best candidate from a qualified applicant pool, and see how much easier retention can be. 

Less Time Recruiting, More Time Retaining

In addition to sourcing better-quality candidates, AI recruiting software sources faster. When you spend less time focused on time-consuming and menial recruiting to-dos—like posting to job boards—you have more time to focus on building out programming and resources for the employees you want to retain. 

For example, many employees value a strong sense of community at work. If you haven’t already started employee resource groups (ERGs) at your organization, now might be the time. Or, if you’ve had trouble retaining because employees don’t see opportunities for career growth, consider a mentorship program that pairs senior employees with more junior employees. 

The job market is competitive—so it’s understandable that certain candidates get a case of “the grass is greener” mentality. But if you can find the right fit and also know that you’ve built out attractive employee programs for that hire, you’ll vastly improve your retention. And an effective way to check both those boxes? With AI recruitment software. 

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