The Benefits of Using AI in Recruitment

AI recruitment software usage is still on the rise. Over 37% of businesses currently employ AI software in the workplace, and that number is only expected to rise as the decade continues. The benefits of working AI recruitment software into your hiring plan are many, and with a variety of tools at your disposal, you can customize your recruitment process in ways that were impossible before. 

Boost Your Overall Efficiency

Technology in the workplace is used mainly to increase efficiency—and AI recruitment software is no different. Each of the plethoras of AI tools takes some weight off of your HR team’s shoulders: 

AI Screening Software

AI software can accurately screen multiple resumes in the time it would take a veteran recruiter to get through just one. Taking over the menial work during sourcing allows your team to focus on tasks only humans can do—like brainstorming, making changes to the recruiting process, and complicated decision-making.

Job Ad Software

AI tools can help write your job ads, providing wording suggestions and SEO advice. Other software options can place your ad optimally, finding the best job aggregators to get your advertisement to your desired audience. PandoExchange, PandoLogic’s own job aggregator, is built to work with AI software tools, and autonomously puts your ads where they need to be. 

Remove Human Bias

Human bias is a persistent problem that HR has to manage. Bias, both conscious and unconscious, can shrink your talent pool and cripple diversity. While training sessions and interview preparation can certainly mitigate the presence of bias in your recruitment process, AI software can all but eliminate it. 

Screening and testing tools ignore unnecessary attributes, only taking into account preset categories. Through self-learning, it improves its definition of an optimal candidate. Over time, the quality of talent making it to the interview will noticeably increase—without sacrificing diversity.

Build Trust Internally and Externally

This removal of bias builds trust both within your organization and with your candidates. Your team will trust the system as they make adjustments while it grows, and candidates will benefit from a more objective process. 

Performance aside, more and more job seekers are beginning to trust AI. Simply hearing that a company has an objective way of evaluating their experience puts applicants at ease. Additionally, tools like AI chatbots help candidates build trust and relationships with your organization by making it simple to get the information they need at any time.

Improve Communication

Trust is often earned through strong communication. If an aspiring applicant calls your HR department for information, their experience is likely to vary. Unfortunately, it’s possible that they may receive info that is outdated or simply incorrect. Chatbots solve this communication issue by providing interested parties with the information they need when they need it—and getting it right every time. 

Their practicality combined with their ability to converse at a near-human level has made them the most popular AI software on the market for years now. PandoLogic’s own Wendy can do all this and more, providing suggestions on improving the recruiting process, and even sending custom messages to candidates.

Utilizing AI in recruitment also benefits other important forms of communication, like scheduling interviews. An automated email can inform a candidate that they’ve made it to the interview and can prompt them to schedule the time themselves. This prevents mix-ups and ensures that both candidate and interviewer have a seamless experience.

Reap the Benefits of AI in Recruitment

Finding the right way to implement artificial intelligence into your recruitment plan can be the deciding factor that optimizes your plan’s cost efficiency and works with your bandwidth. Pandologic’s toolbox has the most often utilized programs for every stage of the recruitment process while allowing you to stay well within your budget. Utilizing Pandologic’s AI recruiting tools can help ensure your organization is finding top talent and providing them with an excellent experience.

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