How A Conversational AI Platform Can Help Your Recruiting Team

You already know that modern technology can both aid and improve your talent acquisition efforts. But how do you know which tools and tech your team should be using? Is AI really as powerful as it’s advertised to be? 

This post sheds light on a specific tool that wields artificial intelligence (AI): conversational AI platforms. Keep reading to learn what a conversational AI platform is, and how it can improve your team’s effectiveness and, ultimately, save you time.

What Is A Conversational AI Platform?

Before we get into the details of how a conversational AI platform can greatly benefit your recruiting team, let’s take a second to define what a conversational AI platform is. First, a refresher: artificial intelligence, or AI, enables computers to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intervention (things like making complex decisions, solving problems, and learning). AI software can not only process information to make human-like decisions, but it can also process a massive scope of data that individual humans would not be able to. Plus, AI’s self-learning algorithms use data to make the best decisions when carrying out a task—and take that data into account for the future. 

Conversational AI uses AI to—as the name suggests—converse with people. These people are usually visitors to an organization’s website or career page. Conversational AI platforms are often commonly referred to as chatbots. Smart chatbots can help with more than just recruitment; they can act as helpful touchpoints for customers looking for assistance. All in all, conversational AI is a powerful tool for industries from recruitment to customer support.

How This Tech Can Help With Engagement And Efficiency

Now that we know what an AI-driven chatbot is, let’s take a look at how a tool like this can help with your talent acquisition process. A powerful platform can help: 

  • Boost candidate engagement by providing the opportunity to chat 24/7 and offering a friendly, welcoming first touchpoint
  • Parse the job description to produce a role-specific chat to inform and evaluate your talent pool
  • Build you a talent pipeline of qualified candidates, with relevant info that goes beyond a candidate’s resume
  • Generate personalized messages to each candidate
  • Intelligently manage outreach campaigns to improve conversions
  • Automatically schedule interviews with qualified candidates

The best conversational AI platforms are not just powerful but also customizable. You’ll want to look for one that lets you customize settings and calibrate the topics it covers in a chat. This can help you look for specific skills and experiences and, ultimately, hire the right candidate.

Recruitment Team + Conversational AI Platform = Better Talent Acquisition

Ultimately, this kind of tech can improve your entire recruitment process by saving you and your team time. With less time spent on to-dos like initial outreach or job ad placement, your team can spend more time engaging with people personally and effectively. Additionally, a conversational AI platform speeds up your talent acquisition process by presenting your team with all the relevant information they need to make quick—and informed—decisions. 

It’s important to remember that not every conversational AI platform was created equal. PandoLogic is committed to being your all-in-one solution for smarter recruitment—which is why we recently acquired the robust conversational tool Wade & Wendy. Combining Wade & Wendy with PandoLogic’s programmatic recruiting platform gives you the most efficient (and effective) modern recruiting solution—one that is built for the future of recruitment

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