How Your Talent Acquisition Team Can Prepare for High Volume Hiring with Tech

Regardless of the current state of the world and the forces impacting your business—both in the short-term and into the uncertain future—as a talent acquisition professional your primary goals have likely remained relatively unchanged. You want to make sure you’re attracting and continuously engaging with the very best available talent in your industry. You also want to make sure your company has a stable pipeline of high-quality active and passive candidates for the open positions of today and tomorrow as well as making sure you’re hiring the right candidates and meeting your target performance metrics.

All of these goals factor heavily into the success of your company, especially in times of extreme volatility. Right now is a particularly important moment for talent acquisition. Certain sectors of the work world are experiencing a surge in hiring, also known as high volume hiring, following the onset of the global pandemic. Some companies who deployed a temporary hiring freeze, furlough strategy, or staff reduction during the first several initial months are now ramping up staff to try and get their businesses back to some semblance of normalcy, and many are preparing for a hopefully more positive future.

Sure, stories abound in the news of companies engaging in mass layoffs, and unemployment numbers continue to remain disappointingly high, but there are some bright spots on an admittedly murky horizon. Need some examples? High-profile companies including UPS, FedEx, ByteDance, Amazon, and Home Depot are looking to boost their employee numbers significantly and quickly, among others—in fact, LinkedIn is compiling a running list of companies that are actively hiring.

Companies who are taking on the challenge of high volume hiring face some hurdles. In addition to gloomy economic headwinds and an uncertain forecast for businesses across all industries as we continue to wade through the effects of the pandemic, there are obvious logistical challenges inherent in remote hiring. Making sure all parties have reliable high-speed Internet to ensure that video conferencing software works well is always tricky, and it’s an issue that only compounds when your hiring scale increases. Managing large volumes of candidates through your review and processing pipeline can prove to be a daunting task for lean and already overtasked teams. Getting good reads on a large volume of candidates in order to choose the right ones with requisite skills is a challenge in the best of circumstances; within the current state of the work world, it’s even tougher.

Luckily, there are ways for your team to prepare for and handle high-volume hiring—today and into the future. New and emerging technology can take your talent acquisition efforts to the next level—it is driving the industry forward and making high-volume hiring and recruiting more efficient and effective than ever before, often at less cost and effort.

Leveraging recruiting technology is clearly important right now, as the pandemic compels businesses to move towards shifting their focus of control from brick and mortar headquarters to the digital cloud and traditional in-person talent acquisition becomes less feasible. Also, with record numbers of displaced workers back in the job market you can count on an increased volume of applicants for all open positions—where once this may have overwhelmed your team before the advent of modern acquisition technology, today’s tools make processing significantly more candidates possible.

In particular, AI technology empowers recruitment teams with next-level tools, including programmatic recruitment resources, predictive algorithms, machine learning, and intelligent software, which lets teams automate key time-consuming steps in the HR pipeline and allows hiring professionals to focus on other tasks while meeting talent acquisition targets.

Companies that are committed to weathering the volatility and leading their industries into the future are investing heavily to expand the role of technology in their hiring and recruitment efforts. Are you curious about what current and emerging AI software tools are out there for you to take advantage of? Then check out sources like PandoLogic, which can help you get up to speed on the leading-edge technology powering the HR evolution.

Here’s the bottom line: In our new and evolving world of work, digital tools are your best weapons for bridging distance, staying productive, and grabbing success from the mouth of uncertainty—and this includes meeting your high-volume talent acquisition needs. Exciting developments are undoubtedly in store for businesses that choose to leverage and harness the power of technology in the brave new world of recruiting. Will your business ride the wave or get left behind? 

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